Wednesday, February 1, 2012

0904.2596 (Guillaume Attuel)

A first step phenomenology for the statistics of non-equilibrium

Guillaume Attuel

1006.1631 (P. Castelo Ferreira)

Landau-Ginzburg Chern-Simons model with Ue(1)xUg(1) Gauge Symmetry and
Internal Pseudo-Photons

P. Castelo Ferreira

1008.1559 (John E. Gray et al.)

Generalized Extensivity    [PDF]

John E. Gray, Stephen R. Addison

1104.2414 (Mikhail S. Veshchunov)

A new approach to the theory of Brownian coagulation and
diffusion-limited reactions

Mikhail S. Veshchunov

1104.2878 (Chenjie Wang et al.)

Fluctuation-dissipation theorem for chiral systems in non-equilibrium
steady states

Chenjie Wang, D. E. Feldman

1108.2839 (J. Ricardo G. Mendonça)

Mean-field critical behaviour and ergodicity break in a nonequilibrium
one-dimensional RSOS growth model

J. Ricardo G. Mendonça

1108.5440 (Sven Dorosz et al.)

On the influence of a patterned substrate on crystallization in
suspensions of hard spheres

Sven Dorosz, Tanja Schilling

1109.2482 (T. S. Biro et al.)

Fluid dynamical equations and transport coefficients of relativistic
gases with non-extensive statistics

T. S. Biro, E. Molnar

1111.6833 (Cesare Nardini et al.)

Kinetic theory for non-equilibrium stationary states in long-range
interacting systems

Cesare Nardini, Shamik Gupta, Stefano Ruffo, Thierry Dauxois, Freddy Bouchet

1112.4817 (Dominique J. Bicout et al.)

Universal statistics for boundary collisions of random walks, and its
implications for polarized gases

Dominique J. Bicout, Efim Kats, Alexander K. Petukhov, Robert S. Whitney

1201.4104 (Ingo Peschel et al.)

Exact results for the entanglement across defects in critical chains    [PDF]

Ingo Peschel, Viktor Eisler

1201.6367 (Elisa Ercolessi et al.)

Correlation Length and Unusual Corrections to the Entanglement Entropy    [PDF]

Elisa Ercolessi, Stefano Evangelisti, Fabio Franchini, Francesco Ravanini

1201.6381 (Richard E. Spinney et al.)

Fluctuation relations: a pedagogical overview    [PDF]

Richard E. Spinney, Ian J. Ford

1201.6396 (Christian Van den Broeck et al.)

Efficiency of isothermal molecular machines at maximum power    [PDF]

Christian Van den Broeck, Niraj Kumar, Katja Lindenberg

1201.6405 (Steven M. Flores et al.)

Cluster pinch-point densities in polygons    [PDF]

Steven M. Flores, Peter Kleban, Robert M. Ziff

1201.6409 (Fengcheng Wu et al.)

Phase diagram of the toric code model in magnetic field    [PDF]

Fengcheng Wu, Youjin Deng, Nikolay Prokof'ev

1201.6423 (X. P. Qin et al.)

Dynamic relaxation of topological defect at Kosterlitz-Thouless phase

X. P. Qin, B. Zheng, N. J. Zhou

1201.6553 (P. A. Andreev)

Collective excitations of graphene excitons being in the Bose-Einstein
condensate state

P. A. Andreev

1201.6561 (Nikos Theodorakopoulos et al.)

Base Pair Openings and Temperature Dependence of DNA Flexibility    [PDF]

Nikos Theodorakopoulos, Michel Peyrard

1201.6623 (Matteo Colangeli et al.)

Fluctuation-dissipation relation for chaotic non-Hamiltonian systems    [PDF]

Matteo Colangeli, Lamberto Rondoni, Angelo Vulpiani

1201.6648 (P. Rodriguez-Lopez et al.)

Casimir interaction between inclined metallic cylinders    [PDF]

P. Rodriguez-Lopez, T. Emig