Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0543 (Manuel Morillo et al.)

Checking the validity of truncating the cumulant hierarchy description
of a small system

Manuel Morillo, José Gómez-Ordóñez, José M. Casado

1307.0572 (Sheldon Goldstein et al.)

On the time scales in the approach to equilibrium of macroscopic quantum

Sheldon Goldstein, Takashi Hara, Hal Tasaki

1307.0610 (Tetsuro Saso)

Direct derivation of microcanonical ensemble average from many-particle
quantum mechanics

Tetsuro Saso

1307.0621 (Hajime Tanaka)

Bond orientational ordering in liquids: Towards a unified description of
water-like anomalies, liquid-liquid transition, glass transition, and

Hajime Tanaka

1307.0644 (Marco Ribezzi Crivellari et al.)

Force Spectroscopy with Dual-Trap Optical Tweezers: Molecular Stiffness
Measurements and Coupled Fluctuations Analysis

Marco Ribezzi Crivellari, Felix Ritort

1307.0815 (Marco Ribezzi Crivellari et al.)

Counter-propagating dual-trap optical tweezers based on linear momentum

Marco Ribezzi Crivellari, Josep M. Huguet, Felix Ritort

1307.0704 (Ludovic Berthier)

Nonequilibrium glassy dynamics of self-propelled hard disks    [PDF]

Ludovic Berthier

1307.0716 (Sven Bachmann et al.)

On gapped phases with a continuous symmetry and boundary operators    [PDF]

Sven Bachmann, Bruno Nachtergaele

1307.0755 (C. Reichhardt et al.)

Dynamics and Separation of Circularly Moving Particles in Asymmetric
Patterned Arrays

C. Reichhardt, C. J. Olson Reichhardt

1307.0817 (Leonardo Bargigli et al.)

A statistical equilibrium representation of markets as complex networks    [PDF]

Leonardo Bargigli, Andrea Lionetto, Stefano Viaggiu

1307.0801 (Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan et al.)

Dynamic phase transitions in simple driven kinetic networks    [PDF]

Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, Todd R. Gingrich, Phillip L. Geissler

1307.0862 (Ediones M. Sousa et al.)

Ising model on directed small-world Voronoi Delaunay random lattices    [PDF]

Ediones M. Sousa, F. W. S. Lima

1307.0871 (Robert Kariotis)

Matrix Characterization of Knots: A Simple Statistical Mechanics

Robert Kariotis

1307.0901 (Bin Wu et al.)

Controlling the efficiency of trapping in treelike fractals    [PDF]

Bin Wu, Zhongzhi Zhang

1307.0903 (Yuan Lin et al.)

Random walks in weighted networks with a perfect trap: An application of
Laplacian spectra

Yuan Lin, Zhongzhi Zhang

1307.0944 (Takaaki Monnai)

Dissipative work, Clausius inequality, and microscopic reversibility for
open Hamiltonian systems

Takaaki Monnai

1307.0968 (Susanna Manrubia et al.)

Evolution on genotype networks leads to phenotypic entrapment    [PDF]

Susanna Manrubia, José A. Cuesta

1307.1005 (T. Verkholyak et al.)

Low-temperature thermodynamics of spin-1/2 orthogonal-dimer chain with
Ising and Heisenberg interactions

T. Verkholyak, J. Strecka

1307.1009 (Jose M. G. Vilar et al.)

Systems Biophysics of Gene Expression    [PDF]

Jose M. G. Vilar, Leonor Saiz