Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1108.2263 (Michael Hoening et al.)

Critical exponents of steady-state phase transitions in fermionic
lattice models

Michael Hoening, Matthias Moos, Michael Fleischhauer

1109.5410 (O. V. Valba et al.)

New alphabet-dependent morphological transition in a random RNA

O. V. Valba, M. V. Tamm, S. K. Nechaev

1111.5951 (Hadrien Bosetti et al.)

Orthogonal versus covariant Lyapunov vectors for rough hard disk systems    [PDF]

Hadrien Bosetti, Harald A. Posch

1112.3280 (Luigi Amico et al.)

Optimal correlations in many-body quantum systems    [PDF]

Luigi Amico, Davide Rossini, Alioscia Hamma, Vladimir E. Korepin

1201.1998 (Sebastian Angst et al.)

Strongly anisotropic non-equilibrium phase transition in Ising models
with friction

Sebastian Angst, Alfred Hucht, Dietrich E. Wolf

1201.3234 (Hoai Nguyen Huynh et al.)

Universality and a numerical ε-expansion of the Abelian Manna
model below upper critical dimension

Hoai Nguyen Huynh, Gunnar Pruessner

1205.4743 (Honghai Liu et al.)

The Volume Rule in the Random Packing Ratio    [PDF]

Honghai Liu, Enyong Jiang, Chang Q. Sun, Bruce Z. Gao

1205.4786 (Seung Ki Baek)

Upper transition point for percolation on the enhanced binary tree: A
sharpened lower bound

Seung Ki Baek

1205.4808 (Taro Takaguchi et al.)

Importance of individual events in temporal networks    [PDF]

Taro Takaguchi, Nobuo Sato, Kazuo Yano, Naoki Masuda

1205.4911 (Benjamin Hsu et al.)

Dynamical stability of the quantum Lifshitz theory in 2+1 Dimensions    [PDF]

Benjamin Hsu, Eduardo Fradkin

1205.4914 (Ahmed Roman et al.)

Cyclic competition of four species: domains and interfaces    [PDF]

Ahmed Roman, David Konrad, Michel Pleimling

1205.4922 (M. Bonitz et al.)

On "Novel attractive forces" between ions in quantum plasmas -- failure
of linearized quantum hydrodynamics

M. Bonitz, E. Pehlke, T. Schoof

1205.4932 (Eric Bertin)

How far can stochastic and deterministic views be reconciled?    [PDF]

Eric Bertin

1205.4961 (Gilberto M. Kremer et al.)

Analysis of the Reaction Rate Coefficients for Slow Bimolecular Chemical

Gilberto M. Kremer, Tiago G. Silva

1205.4975 (Serge Luryi et al.)

Direct observation of Levy flight of holes in bulk n-InP    [PDF]

Serge Luryi, Oleg Semyonov, Arsen Subashiev, Zhichao Chen

1205.4982 (Alexander L. Burin et al.)

Universal dielectric loss in amorphous solids from simultaneous bias and
microwave field

Alexander L. Burin, Moe S. Khalil, Kevin D. Osborn

1205.4997 (Bernhard Mieck)

Monte-Carlo sampling of self-energy matrices within sigma-models derived
from Hubbard-Stratonovich transformed coherent state path integrals

Bernhard Mieck

1205.5000 (L. A. Batalov et al.)

Critical dynamics in systems controlled by fractional kinetic equations    [PDF]

L. A. Batalov, A. A. Batalova