Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1211.6203 (Naoko Nakagawa et al.)

Work relations for time-dependent states    [PDF]

Naoko Nakagawa, Shin-ichi Sasa

1211.6224 (Giacomo Ceccarelli et al.)

Critical parameters from trap-size scaling in trapped particle systems    [PDF]

Giacomo Ceccarelli, Christian Torrero, Ettore Vicari

1211.6234 (Matthew C. Ambrose et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of higher order anisotropy on the
spin reorientation transition in the two dimensional Heisenberg model with
long range interactions

Matthew C. Ambrose, Robert L. Stamps

1211.6296 (Baruch Meerson et al.)

Emergence of fluctuating traveling front solutions in macroscopic theory
of noisy invasion fronts

Baruch Meerson, Pavel V. Sasorov, Arkady Vilenkin

1211.6304 (P. Baseilhac et al.)

The half-infinite XXZ chain in Onsager's approach    [PDF]

P. Baseilhac, S. Belliard

1211.6351 (Iddo Eliazar et al.)

The RARE model: a generalized approach to random relaxation processes in
disordered systems

Iddo Eliazar, Ralf Metzler

1211.6356 (Salvatore Miccichè et al.)

Scale-free relaxation of a wave packet in a quantum well with power-law

Salvatore Miccichè, Andreas Buchleitner, Fabrizio Lillo, Rosario N. Mantegna, Tobias Paul, Sandro Wimberger

1211.6361 (Erdal C. Oğuz et al.)

Packing Confined Hard Spheres Denser with Adaptive Prism Phases    [PDF]

Erdal C. Oğuz, Matthieu Marechal, Fernando Ramiro-Manzano, Isabelle Rodriguez, René Messina, Francisco J. Meseguer, Hartmut Löwen

1211.6389 (S. I. Denisov et al.)

Limiting distributions of continuous-time random walks with
superheavy-tailed waiting times

S. I. Denisov, Yu. S. Bystrik, H. Kantz

1211.6400 (Jack Raymond et al.)

A mean field method with correlations determined by linear response    [PDF]

Jack Raymond, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi