Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1105.2259 (Masahiro Sato et al.)

Theory of Raman Scattering in One-Dimensional Quantum Spin-1/2

Masahiro Sato, Hosho Katsura, Naoto Nagaosa

1109.5582 (W. De Roeck et al.)

Approach to ground state and time-independent photon bound for massless
spin-boson models

W. De Roeck, A. Kupiainen

1112.4745 (Bernhard Altaner et al.)

Fluctuation preserving coarse graining for biochemical systems    [PDF]

Bernhard Altaner, Jürgen Vollmer

1201.0186 (L. F. Santos et al.)

Onset of chaos and relaxation in isolated systems of interacting
spins-1/2: energy shell approach

L. F. Santos, F. Borgonovi, F. M. Izrailev

1201.1435 (Guang-Hua Liu et al.)

Matrix Product State and Quantum Phase Transitions in the
One-Dimensional Extended Quantum Compass Model

Guang-Hua Liu, Wei Li, Wen-Long You, Guang-Shan Tian, Gang Su

1206.0062 (Jun Ohkubo)

One-parameter extension of the Doi-Peliti formalism and relation with
orthogonal polynomials

Jun Ohkubo

1206.0084 (Pulak Kumar Ghosh et al.)

Characterizing dynamical transitions in bistable system using
non-equilibrium measurement of work

Pulak Kumar Ghosh, Deb Shankar Ray

1206.0086 (Pulak Kumar Ghosh et al.)

Noise correlation-induced splitting of Kramers' escape rate from a
metastable state

Pulak Kumar Ghosh, Bidhan Chandra Bag, Deb Shankar Ray

1206.0118 (Igor Goychuk)

Fractional time random walk subdiffusion and anomalous transport with
finite mean residence times: faster, not slower

Igor Goychuk

1206.0146 (Geza Odor et al.)

Slow dynamics and rare-region effects in the contact process on weighted
tree networks

Geza Odor, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras

1206.0168 (Jani Lukkarinen)

Energy fluctuations, hydrodynamics and local correlations in harmonic
systems with bulk noises

Jani Lukkarinen

1206.0171 (Roman Shevchuk et al.)

Water structure-forming capabilities are temperature shifted for
different models

Roman Shevchuk, Diego Prada-Gracia, Francesco Rao

1206.0174 (Vasyl O. Kharchenko et al.)

Properties of nano-islands formation in nonequilibrium
reaction-diffusion systems with memory effects

Vasyl O. Kharchenko, Dmitrii O. Kharchenko, Sergei V. Kokhan, Irina V. Vernigora, Vladimir V. Yanovsky

1206.0188 (Marc Meléndez et al.)

Comment on "Logarithmic Oscillators: Ideal Hamiltonian Thermostats"
[arXiv 1203.5968]

Marc Meléndez, William G. Hoover

1206.0216 (A. Ossipov)

Virial expansion of the non-linear sigma model in the strong coupling

A. Ossipov

1206.0230 (Ozan S. Sarıyer et al.)

Deep Spin-Glass Hysteresis Area Collapse and Scaling in the $d=3$ $\pm
J$ Ising Model

Ozan S. Sarıyer, Alkan Kabakcioglu, A. Nihat Berker

1206.0290 (Sorin Tanase-Nicola et al.)

Exchange of stability as a function of system size in a nonequilibrium

Sorin Tanase-Nicola, David K. Lubensky

1206.0316 (Arvind Ayyer et al.)

An Inhomogeneous Multispecies TASEP on a Ring    [PDF]

Arvind Ayyer, Svante Linusson

1206.0341 (Hiroki Mizuno et al.)

In-plane deformation of a triangulated surface model with metric degrees
of freedom

Hiroki Mizuno, Hiroshi Koibuchi

1206.0348 (Yoshiharu Mori et al.)

Free energy calculations of a proton transfer reaction by simulated
tempering umbrella sampling first principles molecular dynamics simulations

Yoshiharu Mori, Yuko Okamoto

1206.0379 (Afshin Montakhab et al.)

Low prevalence, quasi-stationarity and power-law distribution in a model
of spreading

Afshin Montakhab, Pouya Manshour

1206.0501 (Ernesto P. Borges)

Nonextensive local composition models in theories of solutions    [PDF]

Ernesto P. Borges

1206.0533 (Roman Shevchuk et al.)

Microsecond long atomistic simulation of supercooled water    [PDF]

Roman Shevchuk, Francesco Rao

1206.0559 (Tanay Nag et al.)

Quenching Dynamics and Quantum Information    [PDF]

Tanay Nag, Amit Dutta, Ayoti Patra

1206.0561 (J. -F. Bercher)

A simple probabilistic construction yielding generalized entropies and
divergences, escort distributions and q-Gaussians

J. -F. Bercher

1206.0567 (J. -F. Bercher)

On generalized Cramér-Rao inequalities, generalized Fisher
informations and characterizations of generalized q-Gaussian distributions

J. -F. Bercher

1206.0574 (Shoichi Kawamoto et al.)

Renormalization group approach to matrix models via noncommutative space    [PDF]

Shoichi Kawamoto, Tsunehide Kuroki, Dan Tomino

1206.0639 (Pierre Gaspard)

Time-reversal symmetry relation for nonequilibrium flows ruled by the
fluctuating Boltzmann equation

Pierre Gaspard

1206.0646 (G. Niccoli)

Non-diagonal open spin-1/2 XXZ quantum chains by separation of
variables: Complete spectrum and matrix elements of some quasi-local

G. Niccoli

1206.0649 (Jaakko Nissinen et al.)

Local height probabilities in a composite Andrews-Baxter-Forrester model    [PDF]

Jaakko Nissinen, Eddy Ardonne

1206.0671 (Michele Campisi et al.)

Geometric magnetism in open quantum systems    [PDF]

Michele Campisi, Sergey Denisov, Peter Hänggi

1206.0702 (P. D. Gujrati)

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics. Symmetric and Unique Formulation of the
First Law, Statistical Definition of Heat and Work, Adiabatic Theorem and the
Fate of the Clausius Inequality: A Microscopic View

P. D. Gujrati

1206.0706 (Salvador Miracle-Sole)

Layering and wetting transitions for an interface model    [PDF]

Salvador Miracle-Sole