Monday, February 6, 2012

1104.1643 (Tilman Enss et al.)

Lightcone renormalization and quantum quenches in one-dimensional
Hubbard models

Tilman Enss, Jesko Sirker

1112.2776 (Andrey V. Panov)

Dipolar ordering of random two-dimensional spin ensemble    [PDF]

Andrey V. Panov

1202.0191 (Enys Mones et al.)

Hierarchy measure for complex networks    [PDF]

Enys Mones, Lilla Vicsek, Tamás Vicsek

1202.0579 (Julien Salort et al.)

Mesoscale Equipartition of kinetic energy in Quantum Turbulence    [PDF]

Julien Salort, Philippe-E. Roche, Emmanuel Lévêque

1202.0606 (Ribin Lye et al.)

Understanding agent-based models of financial markets: a bottom-up
approach based on order parameters and phase diagrams

Ribin Lye, James Peng Lung Tan, Siew Ann Cheong

1202.0622 (Thierry Mora et al.)

Transition path sampling algorithm for discrete many-body systems    [PDF]

Thierry Mora, Aleksandra M. Walczak, Francesco Zamponi

1202.0635 (Yukihiro Komura et al.)

GPU-based Swendsen-Wang multi-cluster algorithm for the simulation of
two-dimensional classical spin systems

Yukihiro Komura, Yutaka Okabe

1202.0636 (Gong Jingyu et al.)

Dust charging processes in the dusty plasma with nonextensive power-law

Gong Jingyu, Du Jiulin

1202.0638 (Guo Ran et al.)

Energy distribution and energy fluctuation in Tsallis statistics    [PDF]

Guo Ran, Du Jiulin

1202.0641 (Jingyu Gong et al.)

Dust-acoustic waves and stability in the permeating dusty plasma: I.
Maxwellian distribution

Jingyu Gong, Zhipeng Liu, Jiulin Du

1202.0643 (J. Salort et al.)

Turbulent velocity spectra in superfluid flows    [PDF]

J. Salort, C. Baudet, B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, F. Daviaud, T. Didelot, P. Diribarne, B. Dubrulle, Y. Gagne, F. Gauthier, A. Girard, B. Hébral, B. Rousset, P. Thibault, P. -E. Roche

1202.0645 (Jingyu Gong et al.)

Dust-acoustic waves and stability in the permeating dust plasma: II.
Power-law distributions

Jingyu Gong, Zhipeng Liu, Jiulin Du

1202.0655 (Ryuhei Mori et al.)

Central Approximation in Statistical Physics and Information Theory    [PDF]

Ryuhei Mori, Toshiyuki Tanaka

1202.0661 (Philippe-E. Roche et al.)

On the triggering of the Ultimate Regime of convection    [PDF]

Philippe-E. Roche, Frédéric Gauthier, Robert Kaiser, Julien Salort

1202.0662 (Norbert Tarcai et al.)

Patterns, transitions and the role of leaders in the collective dynamics
of a simple robotic flock

Norbert Tarcai, Csaba Virágh, Dániel Ábel, Máté Nagy, Péter L. Várkonyi, Gábor Vásárhelyi, Tamás Vicsek

1202.0672 (Andrés Santos)

An exact scaling relation for truncatable free energies of polydisperse
hard-sphere mixtures

Andrés Santos

1202.0683 (S. Denisov et al.)

Levy walks with velocity fluctuations    [PDF]

S. Denisov, V. Zaburdaev, P. Hanggi

1202.0701 (David A. Kessler et al.)

Theory of fractional-Lévy kinetics for cold atoms diffusing in optical

David A. Kessler, Eli Barkai

1202.0707 (Du Jiulin)

Power-law distributions and fluctuation-dissipation relation in the
stochastic dynamics of two-variable Langevin equations

Du Jiulin

1202.0710 (Julien Salort et al.)

Energy cascade and the four-fifths law in superfluid turbulence    [PDF]

Julien Salort, Benoît Chabaud, Emmanuel Lévêque, Philippe-E. Roche

1202.0749 (F. D. C. Farrell et al.)

Pattern formation in self-propelled particles with density-dependent

F. D. C. Farrell, J. Tailleur, D. Marenduzzo, M. C. Marchetti

1202.0767 (Steffen Martens et al.)

Impact of inertia on biased Brownian transport in confined geometries    [PDF]

Steffen Martens, Igor M. Sokolov, Lutz Schimansky-Geier

1202.0774 (R. B. Stinchcombe et al.)

Statistics of current activity fluctuations in asymmetric flow with

R. B. Stinchcombe, S. L. A. de Queiroz

1202.0792 (Andreas M. Menzel)

Collective motion of binary self-propelled particle mixtures    [PDF]

Andreas M. Menzel