Friday, February 3, 2012

1008.0875 (Ramis Movassagh)

A Time-Asymmetric Process in Central Force Scatterings    [PDF]

Ramis Movassagh

1103.2133 (S. V. Demidov et al.)

Soliton pair creation in classical wave scattering    [PDF]

S. V. Demidov, D. G. Levkov

1108.0025 (Rui Carvalho et al.)

Fair sharing of resources in a supply network with constraints    [PDF]

Rui Carvalho, Lubos Buzna, Wolfram Just, Dirk Helbing, David K. Arrowsmith

1112.6422 (Michael Kolodrubetz et al.)

Nonequilibrium dynamic critical scaling of the quantum Ising chain    [PDF]

Michael Kolodrubetz, Bryan K. Clark, David A. Huse

1202.0077 (Giuliano Armano et al.)

An Interacting Particle Model for Clustering Euclidean Datasets    [PDF]

Giuliano Armano, Marco Alberto Javarone

1202.0086 (J. S. Langer)

Shear-Transformation-Zone Theory of Viscosity, Diffusion, and Stretched
Exponential Relaxation in Amorphous Solids

J. S. Langer

1202.0182 (Anton Winkler et al.)

On the Validity of the Law of Mass Action in Three-Dimensional
Coagulation Processes

Anton Winkler, Erwin Frey

1202.0187 (Jelena Grujić et al.)

On the coexistence of cooperators, defectors and conditional cooperators
in the multiplayer iterated Prisoner's Dilemma

Jelena Grujić, José A. Cuesta, Angel Sánchez

1202.0201 (Mohammad Bahrami et al.)

Decoherence Effects on Superpositions of Chiral States in a Chiral

Mohammad Bahrami, Afshin Shafiee, Angelo Bassi

1202.0213 (Chi Ho Yeung et al.)

The Competition for Shortest Paths on Sparse Graphs    [PDF]

Chi Ho Yeung, David Saad

1202.0224 (James P. Bagrow et al.)

Spatiotemporal features of human mobility    [PDF]

James P. Bagrow, Yu-Ru Lin

1202.0228 (N-E. Fahssi)

Polynomial Triangles Revisited    [PDF]

N-E. Fahssi

1202.0243 (N. Golubeva et al.)

Efficiency of molecular machines with continuous phase space    [PDF]

N. Golubeva, A. Imparato, L. Peliti

1202.0259 (Matthieu Wyart)

Stability at Random Close Packing    [PDF]

Matthieu Wyart

1202.0286 (Guy Bunin et al.)

Large deviations in boundary-driven systems: Numerical evaluation and
effective large-scale behavior

Guy Bunin, Yariv Kafri, Daniel Podolsky

1202.0316 (Nicholas Guttenberg et al.)

Steered Transition Path Sampling    [PDF]

Nicholas Guttenberg, Aaron R. Dinner, Jonathan Weare

1202.0340 (Denis Tolkunov et al.)

Single temperature for Monte Carlo optimization on complex landscapes    [PDF]

Denis Tolkunov, Alexandre V. Morozov

1202.0433 (Jens Karschau et al.)

Optimal Placement of Origins for DNA Replication    [PDF]

Jens Karschau, J. Julian Blow, Alessandro P. S. de Moura

1202.0459 (Dima Bolmatov et al.)

The phonon theory of liquid thermodynamics    [PDF]

Dima Bolmatov, Vadim Brazhkin, Kostya Trachenko

1202.0505 (Gerardo Odriozola)

Revisiting the phase diagram of hard ellipsoids    [PDF]

Gerardo Odriozola

1202.0508 (Andrea Crisanti et al.)

Non-equilibrium and information: the role of cross-correlations    [PDF]

Andrea Crisanti, Andrea Puglisi, Dario Villamaina