Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0081 (Eli Barkai et al.)

Transport and the first passage time problem with application to cold
atoms in optical traps

Eli Barkai, David A. Kessler

1305.0090 (Zhifu Huang et al.)

Conditional statistical properties of the complex systems having
long-range interactions

Zhifu Huang, Congjie Ou, Bihong Lin, Guozhen Su, Jincan Chen

1305.0118 (Maxime Dugave et al.)

Thermal form factors of the XXZ chain and the large-distance asymptotics
of its temperature dependent correlation functions

Maxime Dugave, Frank Göhmann, Karol K. Kozlowski

1305.0197 (Bernard Sonnenschein et al.)

Excitable elements controlled by noise and network structure    [PDF]

Bernard Sonnenschein, Michael A. Zaks, Alexander B. Neiman, Lutz Schimansky-Geier

1305.0205 (Yves Berset et al.)

The effect of the initial network configuration on preferential

Yves Berset, Matus Medo

1305.0446 (Renato Vieira dos Santos)

The importance of being discrete in sex    [PDF]

Renato Vieira dos Santos

1305.0332 (Atsushi Mori)

Volume term of work of critical nucleus formation in terms of chemical
potential difference relative to equilibrium one

Atsushi Mori

1305.0352 (Tomo Munehisa et al.)

Numerical Study on Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in a XY Quantum
Antiferromagnet on a Finite Triangular Lattice

Tomo Munehisa, Yasuko Munehisa

1305.0370 (Kai Wen et al.)

Non-Gaussian Fluctuation and Non-Markovian Effect in the Nuclear Fusion
Process: Langevin Dynamics Emerging from Quantum Molecular Dynamics

Kai Wen, Fumihiko Sakata, Zhu-Xia Li, Xi-Zhen Wu, Ying-Xun Zhang, Shan-Gui Zhou

1305.0373 (D. Oettinger et al.)

Gaussian Quadrature and Lattice Discretization of the Fermi-Dirac
Distribution for Graphene

D. Oettinger, M. Mendoza, H. J. Herrmann

1305.0376 (J. Szavits-Nossan)

Disordered exclusion process revisited: some exact results in the
low-current regime

J. Szavits-Nossan

1305.0386 (Fabian Schmitz et al.)

Monte Carlo Tests of Nucleation Concepts in the Lattice Gas Model    [PDF]

Fabian Schmitz, Peter Virnau, Kurt Binder

1305.0408 (Pablo R. Zangara et al.)

Interaction-disorder competition in a spin system evaluated through the
Loschmidt Echo

Pablo R. Zangara, Axel D. Dente, Aníbal Iucci, Patricia R. Levstein, Horacio M. Pastawski

1305.0468 (Maurizio Fagotti et al.)

Stationary behaviour of observables after a quantum quench in the
spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain

Maurizio Fagotti, Fabian H. L. Essler

1305.0487 (R. E. Lagos et al.)

Charged Brownian Particles: Kramers and Smoluchowski Equations and the
Hydrothermodynamical Picture

R. E. Lagos, Tania P. Simões