Monday, April 8, 2013

1108.2490 (S. -L. -Y. Xu et al.)

Vicious accelerating walkers    [PDF]

S. -L. -Y. Xu, J. M. Schwarz

1304.1433 (Giorgio Volpe et al.)

Optical Manipulation with Speckle Light Fields    [PDF]

Giorgio Volpe, Giovanni Volpe, Sylvain Gigan

1304.1635 (Ludvig Lizana et al.)

Single-file diffusion with non-thermal initial conditions    [PDF]

Ludvig Lizana, Michael A. Lomholt, Tobias Ambjörnsson

1304.1656 (Troels Arnfred Bojesen)

Multihistogram Reweighting for Nonequilibrium Markov Processes Using
Sequential Importance Sampling Methods

Troels Arnfred Bojesen

1304.1663 (Mantu Santra et al.)

Nucleation of a stable solid from melt in the presence of multiple
metastable intermediate phases: Wetting, Ostwald step rule and vanishing

Mantu Santra, Rakesh S. Singh, Biman Bagchi

1304.1725 (Artem Ryabov)

Single-File Diffusion in an Interval: First Passage Properties    [PDF]

Artem Ryabov

1304.1740 (S. -L. -Y. Xu et al.)

Contact processes in crowded environments    [PDF]

S. -L. -Y. Xu, J. M. Schwarz