Monday, February 13, 2012

1107.2069 (M. Reza Shaebani et al.)

Influence of polydispersity on micromechanics of granular materials    [PDF]

M. Reza Shaebani, Mahyar Madadi, Stefan Luding, Dietrich E. Wolf

1108.0270 (C. Ates et al.)

Thermalization of a strongly interacting closed spin system: From
coherent many-body dynamics to a Fokker-Planck equation

C. Ates, J. P. Garrahan, I. Lesanovsky

1201.0904 (Richard E. Spinney et al.)

Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of stochastic systems with odd and even

Richard E. Spinney, Ian J. Ford

1202.2127 (Rahul Nandkishore et al.)

Itinerant half-metal spin-density-wave state on the hexagonal lattice    [PDF]

Rahul Nandkishore, Gia-Wei Chern, Andrey V. Chubukov

1202.2154 (Constantino Tsallis et al.)

Reconciling the Black Hole Entropy with Classical Thermodynamics    [PDF]

Constantino Tsallis, Leonardo J. L. Cirto

1202.2201 (Su-Chan Park)

Order-disorder transition in a model with two symmetric absorbing states    [PDF]

Su-Chan Park

1202.2224 (Jun'ichi Wakou et al.)

Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations for Motions of Center of Mass in
Driven Granular Fluids under Gravity

Jun'ichi Wakou, Masaharu Isobe

1202.2237 (F. S. Sá Barreto et al.)

Correlation equalities and upper bounds for the transverse Ising model    [PDF]

F. S. Sá Barreto, A. L. Mota

1202.2321 (S. G. Condran et al.)

A model of magnetic order in hexagonal HoMnO3    [PDF]

S. G. Condran, M. L. Plumer