Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1110.6121 (Johan Aberg)

Truly work-like work extraction    [PDF]

Johan Aberg

1212.2214 (Davide Girolami et al.)

Quantum uncertainty on a single observable    [PDF]

Davide Girolami, Tommaso Tufarelli, Gerardo Adesso

1212.2232 (James Burnett et al.)

Coagulation kinetics beyond mean field theory using an optimised Poisson

James Burnett, Ian J. Ford

1212.2267 (Ivan Corwin)

Two ways to solve ASEP    [PDF]

Ivan Corwin

1212.2269 (K. Hayashi et al.)

Single-molecule stochastic resonance    [PDF]

K. Hayashi, S. de Lorenzo, M. Manosas, J. M. Huguet, F. Ritort

1212.2301 (Steven M. Flores et al.)

A solution space for a system of null-state partial differential
equations I

Steven M. Flores, Peter Kleban

1212.2311 (Yujuan Zhang et al.)

Quantum molecular dynamics simulations of thermophysical properties of
fluid ethane

Yujuan Zhang, Cong Wang, Fawei Zheng, Ping Zhang

1212.2320 (Alexei Grechnev)

Exact ground state of the Shastry-Sutherland lattice with classical
Heisenberg spins

Alexei Grechnev

1212.2322 (Andrea Pelissetto et al.)

Renormalization-group flow and asymptotic behaviors at the
Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions

Andrea Pelissetto, Ettore Vicari

1212.2399 (Paul Chleboun et al.)

Time scale separation and dynamic heterogeneity in the low temperature
East model

Paul Chleboun, Alessandra Faggionato, Fabio Martinelli

1212.2520 (G. Pontuale et al.)

Slow crack propagation through a disordered medium: Critical transition
and dissipation

G. Pontuale, F. Colaiori, A. Petri

1212.2527 (Santosh Mogurampelly et al.)

Translocation and encapsulation of siRNA inside carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Santosh Mogurampelly, Prabal K. Maiti

1212.2534 (Eduardo López)

Weighted projected networks: mapping hypergraphs to networks    [PDF]

Eduardo López

1212.2547 (Marlon Ramos et al.)

Information spreading with aging in heterogeneous populations    [PDF]

Marlon Ramos, Nuno Crokidakis, Celia Anteneodo

1212.2570 (Susanne Hahne et al.)

Determining molecule diffusion coefficients on surfaces from a locally
fixed probe: On the analysis of signal fluctuations

Susanne Hahne, Julian Ikonomov, Moritz Sokolowski, Philipp Maass

1212.2576 (G. B. Lesovik et al.)

Second law of thermodynamics and irreversibility in quantum systems    [PDF]

G. B. Lesovik, I. A. Sadovskyy

1212.2616 (Alexander M. Petersen et al.)

Languages cool as they expand: Allometric scaling and the decreasing
need for new words

Alexander M. Petersen, Joel N. Tenenbaum, Shlomo Havlin, H. Eugene Stanley, Matjaz Perc