Thursday, November 29, 2012

1112.6238 (Kavan Modi et al.)

The classical-quantum boundary for correlations: discord and related

Kavan Modi, Aharon Brodutch, Hugo Cable, Tomasz Paterek, Vlatko Vedral

1211.6494 (Christopher N. Angstmann et al.)

Pattern Formation on Networks with Reactions: A Continuous Time Random
Walk Approach

Christopher N. Angstmann, Isaac C. Donnelly, Bruce I. Henry

1211.6531 (Jonathan Tran et al.)

Percolation thresholds on 3-dimensional lattices with 3 nearest

Jonathan Tran, Ted Yoo, Shane Stahlheber, Alex Small

1211.6543 (Rajib Biswas et al.)

Phase transition in magnetically coupled spins on a ring (SOR) model    [PDF]

Rajib Biswas, Biman Bagchi

1211.6551 (F. Mancini et al.)

Exact solution of the 1D Hubbard model in the atomic limit with
inter-site magnetic coupling

F. Mancini, E. Plekhanov, G. Sica

1211.6561 (Sergio Andraus et al.)

Calogero-Moser Systems as a Diffusion-Scaling Transform of Dunkl
Processes on the Line

Sergio Andraus, Makoto Katori, Seiji Miyashita

1211.6580 (Matteo Polettini)

Constrained Brownian motion as thermodiffusion    [PDF]

Matteo Polettini

1211.6601 (Justine S. Pujos et al.)

Legendre transforms for electrostatic energies    [PDF]

Justine S. Pujos, A. C. Maggs

1211.6621 (Fernando Vericat)

A lattice gas of prime numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis    [PDF]

Fernando Vericat

1211.6635 (Lorand Horvath et al.)

The vapor-liquid interface potential of (multi)polar fluids and its
influence on ion solvation

Lorand Horvath, Titus Beu, Manoel Manghi, John Palmeri

1211.6731 (Maurizio Fagotti)

Finite-size corrections vs. relaxation after a sudden quench    [PDF]

Maurizio Fagotti