Monday, March 5, 2012

1106.6215 (Leonardo Ermann et al.)

Towards two-dimensional search engines    [PDF]

Leonardo Ermann, Alexei D. Chepelianskii, Dima L. Shepelyansky

1109.1503 (Yoav Sagi et al.)

Observation of anomalous diffusion and fractional self-similarity in one

Yoav Sagi, Miri Brook, Ido Almog, Nir Davidson

1111.2703 (K. J. Schrenk et al.)

Bohman-Frieze-Wormald model on the lattice, yielding a discontinuous
percolation transition

K. J. Schrenk, A. Felder, S. Deflorin, N. A. M. Araújo, R. M. D'Souza, H. J. Herrmann

1112.5244 (Juan Ruben Gomez-Solano et al.)

Fluctuations, linear response and heat flux of an aging system    [PDF]

Juan Ruben Gomez-Solano, Artyom Petrosyan, Sergio Ciliberto

1201.2749 (Kohei Motegi et al.)

Exact Relaxation Dynamics in the Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion

Kohei Motegi, Kazumitsu Sakai, Jun Sato

1203.0069 (Anuj Chaudhri et al.)

Homogeneous Vapor Nucleation Using Isothermal Multibody Dissipative
Particle Dynamics

Anuj Chaudhri, Jennifer R. Lukes

1203.0082 (M. Rocha Filho et al.)

Nonequilibrium phase transitions and violent relaxation in the
Hamiltonian Mean Field model

M. Rocha Filho, M. A. Amato, A. Figueiredo

1203.0121 (Ming-Chiang Chung et al.)

Thermalization in Systems with Bipartite Eigenmode Entanglement    [PDF]

Ming-Chiang Chung, Anibal Iucci, Miguel. A. Cazalilla

1203.0134 (Santi Prestipino)

On the accuracy of the melting curves drawn from modelling a solid as an
elastic medium

Santi Prestipino

1203.0141 (Maoxin Liu et al.)

Continuous Percolation Phase Transitions of Two-dimensional Lattice
Networks under a Generalized Achlioptas Process

Maoxin Liu, Jingfang Fan, Liangsheng Li, Xiaosong Chen

1203.0147 (Navinder Singh)

Quantum effects in biology: master equation studies of exciton motion in
photosynthetic systems

Navinder Singh

1203.0162 (Paulo F. C. Tilles et al.)

Mean-field analysis of the majority-vote model broken-ergodicity steady

Paulo F. C. Tilles, Jose F. Fontanari

1203.0165 (Y. Apertet et al.)

Efficiency at maximum power of thermally coupled heat engines    [PDF]

Y. Apertet, H. Ouerdane, C. Goupil, Ph. Lecoeur

1203.0184 (Michael Bauer et al.)

Efficiency of a Brownian information machine    [PDF]

Michael Bauer, David Abreu, Udo Seifert

1203.0299 (J. H. Qian et al.)

Criticality and Continuity of Explosive Site Percolation in Random

J. H. Qian, D. D. Han, Y. G. Ma

1203.0235 (Federico Benitez et al.)

Branching rate expansion around annihilating random walks    [PDF]

Federico Benitez, Nicolas Wschebor

1203.0242 (Amir Bashan et al.)

Network Physiology reveals relations between network topology and
physiological function

Amir Bashan, Ronny P. Bartsch, Jan W. Kantelhardt, Shlomo Havlin, Plamen Ch. Ivanov

1203.0266 (F. Vega Reyes et al.)

Steady base states for non-Newtonian granular hydrodynamics    [PDF]

F. Vega Reyes, A. Santos, V. Garzó

1203.0271 (Anil Kumar Dasanna et al.)

Strand diffusion-limited closure of denaturation bubbles in DNA    [PDF]

Anil Kumar Dasanna, Nicolas Destainville, John Palmeri, Manoel Manghi

1203.0349 (Su Do Yi et al.)

Force correlations in molecular and stochastic dynamics    [PDF]

Su Do Yi, Beom Jun Kim

1203.0377 (James A. Blackburn et al.)

A classical statistical model for distributions of escape events in
swept-bias Josephson junctions

James A. Blackburn, Matteo Cirillo, Niels Grønbech-Jensen

1203.0484 (Kazuo Hida)

Statistical Transfer Matrix Study of the $\pm J$ Multileg Ising Ladders
and Tubes

Kazuo Hida

1203.0485 (Richard E. Spinney et al.)

Entropy production in full phase space for continuous stochastic

Richard E. Spinney, Ian J. Ford

1203.0501 (Eunghyun Lee)

The current distribution of the multiparticle hopping asymmetric
diffusion model

Eunghyun Lee

1203.0526 (E. Vatansever et al.)

Stationary State Solutions of a Bond Diluted Kinetic Ising Model: An
Effective-Field Theory Analysis

E. Vatansever, B. O. Aktas, Y. Yuksel, U. Akinci, H. Polat