Monday, February 11, 2013

1302.1881 (Christophe Texier et al.)

Wigner time-delay distribution in chaotic cavities and freezing

Christophe Texier, Satya N. Majumdar

1302.1959 (Chisanupong Puttarprom et al.)

Entanglement Entropy for a Coupled Harmonic Oscillator    [PDF]

Chisanupong Puttarprom, Monsit Tanasittikisol, Sikarin Yoo-Kong

1302.1964 (A. K. Murtazaev et al.)

Investigation on the critical dynamics of real magnetics models by
computational physics methods

A. K. Murtazaev, V. A. Mutailamov

1302.2020 (Tomasz Srokowski)

Fluctuations in multiplicative systems with jumps    [PDF]

Tomasz Srokowski

1302.2084 (E. G. D. Cohen)

Einstein and Boltzmann: Determinism and Probability or The Virial
Expansion Revisited

E. G. D. Cohen

1302.2106 (Nathan Clisby)

Calculation of the connective constant for self-avoiding walks via the
pivot algorithm

Nathan Clisby