Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1212.3705 (Ariel Narváez et al.)

From creeping to inertial flow in porous media: a lattice Boltzmann -
Finite Element study

Ariel Narváez, Kazem Yazdchi, Stefan Luding, Jens Harting

1212.3718 (Sven Bachmann et al.)

Product vacua with boundary states and the classification of gapped

Sven Bachmann, Bruno Nachtergaele

1212.3770 (Christof Gattringer et al.)

Spectroscopy in finite density lattice field theory: An exploratory
study in the relativistic Bose gas

Christof Gattringer, Thomas Kloiber

1212.3804 (Tomoyuki Obuchi et al.)

Monte Carlo simulations of the three-dimensional XY spin glass focusing
on the chiral and the spin order

Tomoyuki Obuchi, Hikaru Kawamura

1212.3810 (Kaj Kolja Kleineberg et al.)

Gaussian Vortex Approximation to the Instanton Equations of
Two-Dimensional Turbulence

Kaj Kolja Kleineberg, Rudolf Friedrich

1212.3833 (David Jennings et al.)

Variational quantum field states with symmetry: The continuum limit of a
projected entangled pair state

David Jennings, Jutho Haegeman, Tobias J. Osborne, Frank Verstraete

1212.3845 (Giulio Cottone et al.)

Fractional Spectral Moments for Digital Simulation of Multivariate Wind
Velocity Fields

Giulio Cottone, Mario Di Paola

1212.3861 (Sylvain Patinet et al.)

Quantitative prediction of effective toughness at random heterogeneous

Sylvain Patinet, Damien Vandembroucq, Stéphane Roux

1212.3867 (Takeaki Araki)

Dynamic coupling between a multistable defect pattern and flow in
nematic liquid crystals confined in a porous medium

Takeaki Araki

1212.3896 (Martin Tchernookov et al.)

Predictive information in a nonequilibrium critical model    [PDF]

Martin Tchernookov, Ilya Nemenman

1212.3937 (J. Javier Brey et al.)

Rheological effects in the linear response and spontaneous fluctuations
of a sheared granular gas

J. Javier Brey, P. Maynar, M. I. Garcia de Soria

1212.3941 (L. Ts. Adzhemyan et al.)

Anomalous scaling of a passive vector field in $d$ dimensions:
Higher-order structure functions

L. Ts. Adzhemyan, N. V. Antonov, P. B. Gol'din, M. V. Kompaniets

1212.3961 (Francesco Ginelli et al.)

Covariant Lyapunov vectors    [PDF]

Francesco Ginelli, Hugues Chate', Roberto Livi, Antonio Politi

1212.3968 (Stephane Ouvry et al.)

Effect of winding edge currents    [PDF]

Stephane Ouvry, Leonid Pastur, Andrey Yanovsky

1212.3975 (Johannes Zierenberg et al.)

Scaling Properties of a Parallel Implementation of the Multicanonical

Johannes Zierenberg, Martin Marenz, Wolfhard Janke

1212.3978 (Asaf Farhi et al.)

Temperature Integration: an efficient procedure for calculation of free
energy differences

Asaf Farhi, Guy Hed, Michael Bon, Nestor Caticha, Chi H Mak, Eytan Domany

1212.3980 (Guo Ran et al.)

Power-law behaviors from the two-variable Langevin equation: Ito's and
Stratonovich's Fokker-Planck equations

Guo Ran, Du Jiulin

1212.3988 (N. Di Scala et al.)

The elastic depinning transition of vortex lattices in two dimensions    [PDF]

N. Di Scala, E. Olive, Y. Lansac, Y. Fily, J. C. Soret

1212.4007 (Alejandro Mendoza-Coto et al.)

Coarse grained models of stripe forming systems: phase diagrams,
anomalies and scaling hypothesis

Alejandro Mendoza-Coto, Daniel A. Stariolo

1212.4076 (Ori Hirschberg et al.)

Emergent motion of condensates in mass-transport models    [PDF]

Ori Hirschberg, David Mukamel, Gunter M. Schütz

1212.4081 (Asaf Farhi)

Comparing secondary structures of RNA and calculating the free energy of
an interior loop using a novel method for calculating free energy

Asaf Farhi

1212.4096 (Martin R. Evans et al.)

Optimal diffusive search: nonequilibrium resetting versus equilibrium

Martin R. Evans, Satya N. Majumdar, Kirone Mallick

1212.4103 (Zohar Komargodski et al.)

Convexity and Liberation at Large Spin    [PDF]

Zohar Komargodski, Alexander Zhiboedov

1212.4109 (M. D. Schulz et al.)

Topological Phase Transitions in the Golden String-Net Model    [PDF]

M. D. Schulz, S. Dusuel, K. P. Schmidt, J. Vidal