Friday, May 11, 2012

0804.2990 (Shyamal Biswas)

Collapse of a Bose gas: kinetic approach    [PDF]

Shyamal Biswas

1205.2100 (Alexei Andreanov et al.)

Time-averaged MSD of Brownian motion    [PDF]

Alexei Andreanov, Denis Grebenkov

1205.2105 (Zoran Ristivojevic et al.)

Phase transition of interacting disordered bosons in one dimension    [PDF]

Zoran Ristivojevic, Aleksandra Petković, Pierre Le Doussal, Thierry Giamarchi

1205.2157 (David T. Limmer et al.)

Phase diagram of supercooled water confined to hydrophilic nanopores    [PDF]

David T. Limmer, David Chandler

1205.2211 (Pasquale Calabrese et al.)

Quantum Quench in the Transverse Field Ising Chain II: Stationary State

Pasquale Calabrese, Fabian H. L. Essler, Maurizio Fagotti

1205.2243 (Aleksei V. Chechkin et al.)

Bulk-mediated diffusion on a planar surface: full solution    [PDF]

Aleksei V. Chechkin, Irwin M. Zaid, Michael A. Lomholt, Igor M. Sokolov, Ralf Metzler

1205.2249 (Astero Provata et al.)

Coupled Intermittent Maps Modelling the Statistics of Genomic Sequences:
A Network Approach

Astero Provata, Christian Beck

1205.2258 (Yang Wang et al.)

Coefficient of Performance at Maximum Figure of Merit and its Bounds for
Low-Dissipation Carnot-Like Refrigerators

Yang Wang, Mingxing Li, Z. C. Tu, A. Calvo Hernández, J. M. M. Roco

1205.2266 (Rosa Lopez et al.)

Fluctuation Relations for Spintronics    [PDF]

Rosa Lopez, Jong Soo Lim, David Sanchez

1205.2318 (Soumen Roy)

Systems biology beyond degree, hubs and scale-free networks: the case
for multiple metrics in complex networks

Soumen Roy