Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1209.5178 (Ricardo Martinez-Garcia et al.)

A nonlocal spatial model for savannas    [PDF]

Ricardo Martinez-Garcia, Justin M. Calabrese, Cristobal Lopez

1209.5425 (Yu. E. Kuzovlev)

Brownian particle in ideal gas: explicit density expansions, conditional
probabilities, and amusing properties of molecular chaos

Yu. E. Kuzovlev

1209.5500 (Phil Attard)

Is the Information Entropy the Same as the Statistical Mechanical

Phil Attard

1209.5503 (Hidetsugu Sakaguchi et al.)

Melting Transition of Vortex Lattice in Point Vortex Systems    [PDF]

Hidetsugu Sakaguchi, Kenji Kita

1209.5515 (Christian Rehwald et al.)

How coupled elementary units determine the dynamics of macroscopic
glass-forming systems

Christian Rehwald, Andreas Heuer

1209.5570 (Yong-Jun Zhang)

Entropy and Ionic Conductivity    [PDF]

Yong-Jun Zhang

1209.5646 (S. Martens et al.)

Hydrodynamically enforced entropic trapping of Brownian particles    [PDF]

S. Martens, A. V. Straube, G. Schmid, L. Schimansky-Geier, P. Hänggi

1209.5683 (Nuno Crokidakis et al.)

Role of conviction in non-equilibrium models of opinion formation    [PDF]

Nuno Crokidakis, Celia Anteneodo