Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1111.1313 (Michio Otsuki et al.)

Critical scaling of jammed system after quench of temperature    [PDF]

Michio Otsuki, Hisao Hayakawa

1207.4903 (Rahul Marathe et al.)

Deterministic and stochastic descriptions of gene expression dynamics    [PDF]

Rahul Marathe, Veronika Bierbaum, David Gomez, Stefan Klumpp

1207.4906 (Rahul Marathe et al.)

Sources of stochasticity in constitutive and autoregulated gene

Rahul Marathe, David Gomez, Stefan Klumpp

1207.5052 (Stephen Inglis et al.)

A Wang-Landau method for calculating Renyi entropies in
finite-temperature quantum Monte Carlo simulations

Stephen Inglis, Roger G. Melko

1207.5059 (François Impens et al.)

Non-local double-path Casimir phase shifts in atom interferometers    [PDF]

François Impens, Ryan O. Behunin, Claudio Ccapa Ttira, Paulo A. Maia Neto

1207.5084 (A. S. F. Tenório et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in alternating spin-(1/2, 5/2) Heisenberg

A. S. F. Tenório, R. R. Montenegro-Filho, M. D. Coutinho-Filho

1207.5172 (Kwok Sau Fa)

Tsallis statistics and Langevin equation with multiplicative noise in
different orders of prescription

Kwok Sau Fa

1207.5268 (R. Brak et al.)

Constant term solution for an arbitrary number of osculating lattice

R. Brak, W. Galleas

1207.5283 (W. Galleas)

Refined functional relations for the elliptic SOS model    [PDF]

W. Galleas

1207.5356 (Yidan Wang et al.)

A hierarchy of self-consistent stochastic boundary conditions for Ising
lattice simulations

Yidan Wang, You Quan Chong, Siew Ann Cheong

1207.5405 (Pan Zhang)

Inference of kinetic Ising model on sparse graphs    [PDF]

Pan Zhang

1207.5416 (Gaëtan Borot et al.)

Resolvent methods for steady premixed flame shapes governed by the
Zhdanov-Trubnikov equation

Gaëtan Borot, Bruno Denet, Guy Joulin

1207.5417 (Haibin Li et al.)

The origin of normal heat conduction in one-dimensional classics system    [PDF]

Haibin Li, Xiaotian Xin

1207.5455 (Joshua T. Berryman et al.)

A GPS Navigator for the Free Energy Landscape, Used to Find the
Chirality-Switching Salt Concentration of DNA

Joshua T. Berryman, Tanja Schilling

1207.5475 (Norman Gundlach et al.)

Jammed disks in narrow channel: criticality and ordering tendencies    [PDF]

Norman Gundlach, Michael Karbach, Dan Liu, Gerhard Muller

1207.5500 (Amir Dembo et al.)

The replica symmetric solution for Potts models on d-regular graphs    [PDF]

Amir Dembo, Andrea Montanari, Allan Sly, Nike Sun