Thursday, January 10, 2013

1301.0839 (Piet Schijven et al.)

Energy transfer properties and absorption spectra of the FMO complex:
from exact PIMC calculations to TCL master equations

Piet Schijven, Lothar Muehlbacher, Oliver Muelken

1301.1915 (Victor Kurasov)

Non stationary nucleation: the model with minimal environment    [PDF]

Victor Kurasov

1301.1708 (Guy Bunin et al.)

Cusp singularities in boundary-driven diffusive systems    [PDF]

Guy Bunin, Yariv Kafri, Daniel Podolsky

1301.1772 (Denis Kast et al.)

Dynamics of quantum coherences at strong coupling to a heat bath    [PDF]

Denis Kast, Joachim Ankerhold

1301.1795 (Walter Kob et al.)

Probing a liquid to glass transition in equilibrium    [PDF]

Walter Kob, Ludovic Berthier

1301.1805 (M. Žukovič et al.)

Histogram Monte Carlo Simulation of the Geometrically Frustrated XY
Antiferromagnet with Biquadratic Exchange

M. Žukovič, T. Idogaki, K. Takeda

1301.1806 (Jae Dong Noh et al.)

Multiple dynamic transitions in nonequilibrium work fluctuations    [PDF]

Jae Dong Noh, Chulan Kwon, Hyunggyu Park

1301.1816 (M. Žukovič et al.)

Monte Carlo investigation of the tricritical point stability in a
three-dimensional Ising metamagnet

M. Žukovič, T. Idogaki

1301.1837 (Nasrin Afzal et al.)

Aging processes in systems with anomalous slow dynamics    [PDF]

Nasrin Afzal, Michel Pleimling

1301.1838 (H. Nagata et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of the three-dimensional XY model with
bilinear-biquadratic exchange interaction

H. Nagata, M. Žukovič, T. Idogaki

1301.1876 (Ajeet K. Sharma et al.)

First-passage problems in DNA replication: effects of template tension
on stepping and exonuclease activities of a DNA polymerase motor

Ajeet K. Sharma, Debashish Chowdhury