Tuesday, April 16, 2013

1304.3470 (Luca Tubiana et al.)

Spontaneous knotting and unknotting of flexible linear polymers:
equilibrium and kinetic aspects

Luca Tubiana, Angelo Rosa, Filippo Fragiacomo, Cristian Micheletti

1304.3569 (Supurna Sinha et al.)

Statistical mechanics of bent twisted ribbons    [PDF]

Supurna Sinha, Joseph Samuel

1304.3597 (Kun Zhao et al.)

Percolation on interdependent networks with a fraction of antagonistic

Kun Zhao, Ginestra Bianconi

1304.3659 (Elena del Valle et al.)

Correlator expansion approach to stationary states of weakly coupled
cavity arrays

Elena del Valle, Michael J. Hartmann

1304.3675 (Douglas J. Ashton et al.)

Self-assembly of colloidal polymers via depletion-mediated lock and key

Douglas J. Ashton, Robert L. Jack, Nigel B. Wilding

1304.3681 (Michael Manhart et al.)

A path-based approach to random walks on networks characterizes how
proteins evolve new function

Michael Manhart, Alexandre V. Morozov

1304.3768 (P. D. Gujrati)

Nonequilibrium Entropy    [PDF]

P. D. Gujrati

1304.3791 (Shangguo Zhu et al.)

Universality in s-wave and higher partial wave Feshbach resonances: an
illustration with a single atom near two scattering centers

Shangguo Zhu, Shina Tan

1304.3817 (Andrés Santos et al.)

Structural properties of fluids interacting via piece-wise constant
potentials with a hard core

Andrés Santos, Santos B. Yuste, Mariano López de Haro, Mariana Bárcenas, Pedro Orea

1304.3945 (Valerio Lucarini et al.)

Entropy Production and Coarse Graining of the Climate Fields in a
General Circulation Model

Valerio Lucarini, Salvatore Pascale

1304.3947 (F. A. L. Mauguiere et al.)

Bifurcations of Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds and Consequences
for Reaction Dynamics

F. A. L. Mauguiere, P. Collins, G. S. Ezra, S. Wiggins

1304.3988 (K. Abirami et al.)

Vibrational Resonance in the Morse Oscillator    [PDF]

K. Abirami, S. Rajasekar, M. A. F. Sanjuan

1304.3990 (Isao Nishikawa et al.)

Non-standard scaling law of fluctuations in finite-size systems of
globally coupled oscillators

Isao Nishikawa, Gouhei Tanaka, Kazuyuki Aihara

1304.4021 (David Abreu et al.)

Noisy nonlinear dynamics of vesicles in flow    [PDF]

David Abreu, Udo Seifert

1304.4034 (Bruno Vieira Ribeiro et al.)

Ornstein-Uhlenbeck limit for the velocity process of an $N$-particle
system interacting stochastically

Bruno Vieira Ribeiro, Yves Elskens

1304.4106 (Loic Turban)

Mean number of encounters of N random walkers and intersection of
strongly anisotropic fractals

Loic Turban

1304.4113 (A. Carati et al.)

Statistical Thermodynamics for metaequilibrium or metastable states    [PDF]

A. Carati, A. Maiocchi, L. Galgani

1304.4125 (Ladislav Samaj)

Counter-ions at single charged wall: Sum rules    [PDF]

Ladislav Samaj

1304.4152 (Valentin Bonzom et al.)

Fully packed loops on random surfaces and the 1/N expansion of tensor

Valentin Bonzom, Frédéric Combes

1304.4158 (Dominic Roehm et al.)

Hydrodynamic Correlations slow down Crystallization of Soft Colloids    [PDF]

Dominic Roehm, Stefan Kesselheim, Axel Arnold

1304.4160 (Armin Rahmani et al.)

Universal Renyi mutual information in classical systems: the case of
kagome ice

Armin Rahmani, Gia-Wei Chern

1304.4183 (Jana Tothova et al.)

On the colour of thermal noise in fluids    [PDF]

Jana Tothova, Lukas Glod, Vladimir Lisy