Tuesday, February 28, 2012

0905.1542 (Wei-Bo Gao et al.)

Experimental demonstration of topological error correction    [PDF]

Wei-Bo Gao, Austin G. Fowler, Robert Raussendorf, Xing-Can Yao, He Lu, Ping Xu, Chao-Yang Lu, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Youjin Deng, Zeng-Bing Chen, Jian-Wei Pan

0909.1314 (N. T. Zinner)

Effective Potential for Ultracold Atoms at the Zero-Crossing of a
Feshbach Resonance

N. T. Zinner

1104.5112 (Ganna Rozhnova et al.)

Modeling the long term dynamics of pre-vaccination pertussis    [PDF]

Ganna Rozhnova, Ana Nunes

1109.1253 (Jason Olejarz et al.)

Growth Inside a Corner: The Limiting Interface Shape    [PDF]

Jason Olejarz, P. L. Krapivsky, S. Redner, K. Mallick

1109.2541 (Asim Ghosh et al.)

Phase transitions in crowd dynamics of resource allocation    [PDF]

Asim Ghosh, Daniele De Martino, Arnab Chatterjee, Matteo Marsili, Bikas K. Chakrabarti

1109.5419 (Alberto Saa et al.)

Pesin-type relation for subexponential instability    [PDF]

Alberto Saa, Roberto Venegeroles

1110.6819 (Anjan Kumar Chandra)

Percolation in a kinetic opinion exchange model    [PDF]

Anjan Kumar Chandra

1111.1881 (V. Tejedor et al.)

Optimizing persistent random searches    [PDF]

V. Tejedor, R. Voituriez, O. Bénichou

1111.6509 (Ryo Tamura et al.)

A Method to Control Order of Phase Transition: Invisible States in
Discrete Spin Models

Ryo Tamura, Shu Tanaka, Naoki Kawashima

1201.1284 (Masanori Kohno)

Mott Transition in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model    [PDF]

Masanori Kohno

1202.5568 (Juan I. Perotti et al.)

Smart random walkers: the cost of knowing the path    [PDF]

Juan I. Perotti, Orlando V. Billoni

1202.5576 (Serge Luryi et al.)

Levy Flight of Holes in InP Semiconductor Scintillator    [PDF]

Serge Luryi, Arsen Subashiev

1202.5582 (Ramin M. Abolfath et al.)

Multiscale QM/MM Molecular Dynamics Study on the First Steps of
Guanine-Damage by Free Hydroxyl Radicals in Solution

Ramin M. Abolfath, P. K. Biswas, R. Rajnarayanam, Thomas Brabec, Reinhard Kodym, Lech Papiez

1202.5593 (Janus Collaboration et al.)

Thermodynamic glass transition in a spin glass without time-reversal

Janus Collaboration, R. A. Baños, A. Cruz, L. A. Fernandez, J. M. Gil-Narvion, A. Gordillo-Guerrero, M. Guidetti, D. Iñiguez, A. Maiorano, E. Marinari, V. Martin-Mayor, J. Monforte-Garcia, A. Muñoz Sudupe, D. Navarro, G. Parisi, S. Perez-Gaviro, J. J. Ruiz-Lorenzo, S. F. Schifano, B. Seoane, A. Tarancon, P. Tellez, R. Tripiccione, D. Yllanes

1202.5616 (A. P. Itin et al.)

Directed transport in a classical lattice with a high-frequency driving    [PDF]

A. P. Itin, A. I. Neishtadt

1202.5623 (Chengxiang Ding et al.)

Exact critical points of the O($n$) loop model on the martini and the
3-12 lattices

Chengxiang Ding, Zhe Fu, Wenan Guo

1202.5648 (Takaaki Monnai)

Microscopic reversibility for classical open systems    [PDF]

Takaaki Monnai

1202.5673 (Alexei Andreanov et al.)

Random perfect lattices and the sphere packing problem    [PDF]

Alexei Andreanov, Antonello Scardicchio

1202.5726 (Nihal Yapage)

Mean-field equations for higher-order quantum statistical models : an
information geometric approach

Nihal Yapage

1202.5734 (E. B. Starikov et al.)

Entropy-Enthalpy Compensation May Be a Useful Interpretation Tool for
Complex Systems Like Protein-DNA Complexes: An Appeal to Experimentalists

E. B. Starikov, B. Norden

1202.5750 (J. E. Avron et al.)

Adiabatic response for Lindblad dynamics    [PDF]

J. E. Avron, M. Fraas, G. M. Graf

1202.5868 (Shu Tanaka et al.)

Quantum Annealing and Quantum Fluctuation Effect in Frustrated Ising

Shu Tanaka, Ryo Tamura

1202.5871 (Doron Cohen)

Energy absorption by "sparse" systems: beyond linear response theory    [PDF]

Doron Cohen

1202.5909 (Rodrigo Aldecoa et al.)

Closed benchmarks for network community structure characterization    [PDF]

Rodrigo Aldecoa, Ignacio Marín

1202.5912 (Kang-Hun Ahn)

Amplitude death state for hearing    [PDF]

Kang-Hun Ahn

1202.5918 (Matthew Urry et al.)

Replica theory for learning curves for Gaussian processes on random

Matthew Urry, Peter Sollich

1202.5946 (K. Essafi et al.)

Nonperturbative renormalization group approach to Lifshitz critical

K. Essafi, J. -P. Kownacki, D. Mouhanna

1202.5992 (N. V. Antonov et al.)

Anomalous scaling and large-scale anisotropy in magnetohydrodynamic
turbulence: Two-loop renormalization-group analysis of the
Kazantsev--Kraichnan kinematic model

N. V. Antonov, N. M. Gulitsky

1202.5994 (Supravat Dey et al.)

Spatial Structures and Giant Number Fluctuations in Models of Active

Supravat Dey, Dibyendu Das, R. Rajesh

1202.6024 (Su-Chan Park)

Critical decay exponent of the pair contact process with diffusion    [PDF]

Su-Chan Park

1202.6039 (Jeetain Mittal et al.)

Pair diffusion, hydrodynamic interactions, and available volume in dense

Jeetain Mittal, Gerhard Hummer