Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7718 (S. M. Giampaolo et al.)

Universal aspects in the behavior of the entanglement spectrum in one
dimension: scaling transition at the factorization point and ordered
entangled structures

S. M. Giampaolo, S. Montangero, F. Dell'Anno, S. De Siena, F. Illuminati

1307.7729 (M. E. J. Newman)

Spectral methods for network community detection and graph partitioning    [PDF]

M. E. J. Newman

1307.7736 (K. Michaelian et al.)

Violation of Fundamental Thermodynamic Law or Invalid Microstate

K. Michaelian, I. Santamaría-Holek, A. Pérez-Madrid

1307.7742 (E. Katzav et al.)

Stability and roughness of tensile cracks in disordered materials    [PDF]

E. Katzav, M. Adda-Bedia

1307.7743 (Javier Cerrillo et al.)

Non-Markovian Dynamical Maps: Numerical Processing of Open Quantum

Javier Cerrillo, Jianshu Cao

1307.7761 (L. Velazquez et al.)

Improving the efficiency of Monte Carlo simulations of systems that
undergo temperature-driven phase transitions

L. Velazquez, J. C. Castro-Palacio

1307.7762 (L. Velazquez)

Curvature of fluctuation geometry and its implications on Riemannian
fluctuation theory

L. Velazquez

1307.7799 (Sergii Domanskyi et al.)

Percolation Modeling of Self-Damaging of Composite Materials    [PDF]

Sergii Domanskyi, Vladimir Privman

1307.7804 (M. K. Hassan et al.)

Emergence of fractal in aggregation with stochastic self-replication    [PDF]

M. K. Hassan, M. Z. Hassan, N. Islam

1307.7846 (Aurélien Decelle et al.)

Belief-Propagation Guided Monte-Carlo Sampling    [PDF]

Aurélien Decelle, Florent Krzakala

1307.7855 (Grzegorz Wilk et al.)

On possible origins of power-law distributions    [PDF]

Grzegorz Wilk, Zbigniew Włodarczyk

1307.7903 (Satoru Morita et al.)

Analytical solution of stochastic model of risk-spreading with global

Satoru Morita, Jin Yoshimura

1307.8016 (D. A. Garanin et al.)

Random Field XY Model in Three Dimensions: The Role of Vortices    [PDF]

D. A. Garanin, E. M. Chudnovsky, T. Proctor

1307.8069 (Abolhassan Vaezi)

Superconducting analogue of the parafermion fractional quantum Hall

Abolhassan Vaezi