Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1886 (Hiroshi Watanabe)

Difficult Sudoku Puzzles Created by Replica Exchange Monte Carlo Method    [PDF]

Hiroshi Watanabe

1303.1938 (Gesualdo Delfino et al.)

Interfaces and wetting transition on the half plane. Exact results from
field theory

Gesualdo Delfino, Alessio Squarcini

1303.1991 (Christophe Chatelain)

Mechanism of hyperscaling violation in the 2D 8-state Potts model with
long-range correlated disorder

Christophe Chatelain

1303.2012 (F. L. Metz et al.)

Transition between localized and extended states in the hierarchical
Anderson model

F. L. Metz, L. Leuzzi, G. Parisi, V. Sacksteder IV

1303.2031 (Dima Bolmatov et al.)

Helium at elevated pressures: Quantum liquid with non-static shear

Dima Bolmatov, V. V. Brazhkin, K. Trachenko

1303.2051 (K. Held et al.)

Physics behind the minimum of relative entropy measures for correlations    [PDF]

K. Held, N. Mauser

1303.2067 (Rustam Z. Khaliullin et al.)

Recent achievements in ab initio modelling of liquid water    [PDF]

Rustam Z. Khaliullin, Thomas D. Kühne

1303.2079 (Julian Sienkiewicz et al.)

Growing Ising-like chain as a model of online emotional interactions    [PDF]

Julian Sienkiewicz, Janusz A. Hołyst

1303.2082 (A. M. Gainutdinov et al.)

Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory: a Lattice Approach    [PDF]

A. M. Gainutdinov, J. L. Jacobsen, N. Read, H. Saleur, R. Vasseur

1303.2085 (Krzysztof Suchecki et al.)

Hierarchy depth in directed networks    [PDF]

Krzysztof Suchecki, Janusz Holyst