Monday, April 29, 2013

1109.0770 (Mathew Zuparic et al.)

Stochastic (in)stability of synchronisation of oscillators on networks    [PDF]

Mathew Zuparic, Alexander C. Kalloniatis

1304.7008 (Javier M. Magán et al.)

Memory as order-parameter on a Cayley Tree    [PDF]

Javier M. Magán, Auditya Sharma

1304.7010 (Chi Ho Yeung et al.)

Self-sustained Clusters and Ergodicity Breaking in Spin Models    [PDF]

Chi Ho Yeung, David Saad

1304.7034 (P. Singh et al.)

Threshold-limited spreading in social networks with multiple initiators    [PDF]

P. Singh, S. Sreenivasan, B. K. Szymanski, G. Korniss

1304.7138 (Chandrima Ganguly et al.)

Fluctuating thermodynamics of active Brownian particles    [PDF]

Chandrima Ganguly, Debasish Chaudhuri

1304.7146 (M. P. Qin et al.)

Partial order in Potts models on the generalized decorated square

M. P. Qin, J. Chen, Q. N. Chen, Z. Y. Xie, X. Kong, H. H. Zhao, B. Normand, T. Xiang

1304.7212 (David S Tourigny)

Geometry of the Energy Landscape for a Protein Folding on the Ribosome    [PDF]

David S Tourigny

1304.7219 (Alexander Dobrinevski et al.)

Statistics of Avalanches with Relaxation, and Barkhausen Noise: A
Solvable Model

Alexander Dobrinevski, Pierre Le Doussal, Kay Jörg Wiese

1304.7234 (Kasper Duivenvoorden et al.)

From symmetry-protected topological order to Landau order    [PDF]

Kasper Duivenvoorden, Thomas Quella

1304.7247 (Gianluca Calcagni et al.)

Probing the quantum nature of spacetime by diffusion    [PDF]

Gianluca Calcagni, Astrid Eichhorn, Frank Saueressig

1304.7250 (Yusuf Yuksel et al.)

Universality Aspects of Layering Transitions in Ferromagnetic
Blume-Capel Thin Films

Yusuf Yuksel, Umit Akinci