Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1209.3816 (Victor Gurarie)

Large time dynamics and the generalized Gibbs ensemble    [PDF]

Victor Gurarie

1209.3823 (Zohar Nussinov et al.)

Mapping between finite temperature classical and zero temperature
quantum systems: quantum critical jamming and quantum dynamical

Zohar Nussinov, Patrick Johnson, Alexander V. Balatsky, Matthias J. Graf

1209.3897 (D. Chakraborty)

Time correlations and persistence probability of a Brownian particle in
a shear flow

D. Chakraborty

1209.3930 (K. Vollmayr-Lee et al.)

Microscopic picture of aging in SiO2    [PDF]

K. Vollmayr-Lee, R. Bjorkquist, L. M. Chambers

1209.3952 (Ümit Ak\incı)

Effects of the randomly distributed magnetic field on the phase diagrams
of the transverse Ising thin film

Ümit Ak\incı

1209.3961 (D. Nickelsen et al.)

Asymptotic work distributions in driven bistable systems    [PDF]

D. Nickelsen, A. Engel

1209.3965 (Tokuro Shimokawa et al.)

Nontrivial ferrimagnetism of the Heisenberg model on the Union Jack
strip lattice

Tokuro Shimokawa, Hiroki Nakano

1209.4001 (Julien Randon-Furling)

Convex hull of n planar Brownian paths: an exact formula for the average
number of edges

Julien Randon-Furling

1209.4023 (James J. Shepherd et al.)

Emergence of Critical Phenomena in Full Configuration Interaction
Quantum Monte Carlo

James J. Shepherd, Lauretta R. Schwarz, Robert E. Thomas, George. H. Booth, Daan Frenkel, Ali Alavi

1209.4035 (Christoph Temmel)

Sufficient conditions for absolute convergence of hardcore cluster

Christoph Temmel

1209.4053 (Peter Hinow)

A nonsmooth program for jamming hard spheres    [PDF]

Peter Hinow