Monday, May 6, 2013

1305.0568 (Michael Kolodrubetz et al.)

Classifying and measuring the geometry of the quantum ground state

Michael Kolodrubetz, Vladimir Gritsev, Anatoli Polkovnikov

1305.0637 (T. G. Mattos et al.)

Trajectory-to-trajectory fluctuations in first-passage phenomena in
bounded domains

T. G. Mattos, C. Mejía-Monasterio, R. Metzler, G. Oshanin, G. Schehr

1305.0639 (Gregory Schehr et al.)

Exact record and order statistics of random walks via first-passage

Gregory Schehr, Satya N. Majumdar

1305.0655 (David Luposchainsky et al.)

Entropy production in continuous phase space systems    [PDF]

David Luposchainsky, Haye Hinrichsen

1305.0657 (Kazumasa Tsutsui et al.)

Ground-State Energy and Condensate Density of a Dilute Bose Gas

Kazumasa Tsutsui, Takafumi Kita

1305.0684 (A. Saichev et al.)

Super-linear scaling of offsprings at criticality in branching processes    [PDF]

A. Saichev, D. Sornette

1305.0690 (Emil Hedevang et al.)

A causal continuous-time stochastic model for the turbulent energy
cascade in a helium jet flow

Emil Hedevang, Jürgen Schmiegel

1305.0702 (Apiwat Wisitsorasak et al.)

Fluctuating Mobility Generation and Transport in Glasses    [PDF]

Apiwat Wisitsorasak, Peter G. Wolynes

1305.0703 (Corentin Coulais et al.)

The Jamming point street-lamp in the world of granular media    [PDF]

Corentin Coulais, Robert P. Behringer, Olivier Dauchot

1305.0718 (Xiangjun Xing et al.)

Generalized Deam-Edwards Approach to the Statistical Mechanics of
Randomly Crosslinked Systems

Xiangjun Xing, Bing-Sui Lu, Fangfu Ye, Paul M. Goldbart

1305.0736 (Christian Maes et al.)

Active Fluctuation Symmetries    [PDF]

Christian Maes, Alberto Salazar

1305.0772 (Eric Bertin et al.)

Mesoscopic theory for fluctuating active nematics    [PDF]

Eric Bertin, Hugues Chaté, Francesco Ginelli, Shradha Mishra, Anton Peshkov, Sriram Ramaswamy

1305.0806 (Gabriel T. Landi et al.)

Fourier law from a chain of coupled anharmonic oscillators under energy
conserving noise

Gabriel T. Landi, Mario J. de Oliveira