Thursday, November 1, 2012

1209.3247 (Zhidong Zhang et al.)

Response to arXiv:1209.0731 'Erroneous solution of three-dimensional
(3D) simple orthorhombic Ising lattices' by Perk

Zhidong Zhang, Norman H. March

1210.8258 (B. Basu-Mallick et al.)

Clusters of bound particles in the derivative delta-function Bose gas    [PDF]

B. Basu-Mallick, Tanaya Bhattacharyya, Diptiman Sen

1210.8301 (Paul A. Pearce et al.)

Infinitely extended Kac table of solvable critical dense polymers    [PDF]

Paul A. Pearce, Jorgen Rasmussen, Simon P. Villani

1210.8361 (Laura Foini et al.)

Static properties of 2D spin-ice as a sixteen-vertex model    [PDF]

Laura Foini, Demian Levis, Marco Tarzia, Leticia F. Cugliandolo

1210.8376 (Bartosz Szczesny et al.)

When does cyclic dominance lead to stable spiral waves?    [PDF]

Bartosz Szczesny, Mauro Mobilia, Alastair M. Rucklidge

1210.8377 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Engineering Degeneracy: a Critical Ground State for Artificial Spin Ice    [PDF]

Gia-Wei Chern, Muir J. Morrison, Cristiano Nisoli

1210.8380 (Thomas Bury)

Markets structure explained by pairwise interactions    [PDF]

Thomas Bury

1210.8399 (Chiara Cammarota et al.)

Random Pinning Glass Transition: Hallmarks, Mean-Field Theory and
Renormalization Group Analysis

Chiara Cammarota, Giulio Biroli

1210.8414 (Rudolf Gorenflo et al.)

Parametric subordination in fractional diffusion processes    [PDF]

Rudolf Gorenflo, Francesco Mainardi

1210.8416 (Xiaofeng Wang et al.)

Beyond pairwise strategy updating in the prisoner's dilemma game    [PDF]

Xiaofeng Wang, Matjaz Perc, Yongkui Liu, Xiaojie Chen, Long Wang

1210.8449 (Ricardo S. Vieira et al.)

On the multiparametric {\cal U}_q[D_{n+1}^{(2)}] vertex model    [PDF]

Ricardo S. Vieira, A. Lima-Santos