Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1005.0556 (Muktish Acharyya)

Noneqilibrium Phase Transition in Kinetic Ising Model: Absence of
Tricritical behaviour in Presence of Impurities

Muktish Acharyya

1108.5442 (Thomas Oikonomou et al.)

Clausius versus Sackur-Tetrode entropies    [PDF]

Thomas Oikonomou, G. Baris Bagci

1301.2156 (Iolanda-Gabriela Craifaleanu)

Investigation of the frequency content of ground motions recorded during
strong Vrancea earthquakes, based on deterministic and stochastic indices

Iolanda-Gabriela Craifaleanu

1301.2653 (P. Addesso et al.)

Escape Time Characterization of Pendular Fabry-Perot    [PDF]

P. Addesso, V. Pierro, G. Filatrella

1301.2666 (Volker Dohm)

Crossover from Goldstone to critical fluctuations: Casimir forces in
confined O${\bf(n)}$ symmetric systems

Volker Dohm

1301.2768 (Sangrak Kim)

Validity of Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Soft Matter    [PDF]

Sangrak Kim

1301.2777 (Jean-Charles Walter et al.)

Unwinding relaxation dynamics of polymers    [PDF]

Jean-Charles Walter, Marco Baiesi, Gerard Barkema, Enrico Carlon

1301.2779 (R. Chandrashekar et al.)

A Fractional entropy in Fractal phase space: properties and

R. Chandrashekar, C. Ravikumar, J. Segar

1301.2792 (Yaghoob Naimi et al.)

Solvable multi-species reaction-diffusion processes, with
particle-dependent hopping rates

Yaghoob Naimi, Frinaz Roshani

1301.2794 (Efe Ilker et al.)

High q-State Clock Spin Glasses in Three Dimensions and the Lyapunov
Exponents of Chaotic Phases and Chaotic Phase Boundaries

Efe Ilker, A. Nihat Berker

1301.2838 (Yong Zhang et al.)

Breakdown of effective phonon theory in one-dimensional chains with
asymmetric interactions

Yong Zhang, Shunda Chen, Jiao Wang, Hong Zhao

1301.2851 (Christian M. Schneider et al.)

Efficient algorithm to study interconnected networks    [PDF]

Christian M. Schneider, Nuno A. M. Ara├║jo, Hans J. Herrmann

1301.2868 (Behrouz Mirza et al.)

Thermodynamic geometry of a kagome Ising model in a magnetic field    [PDF]

Behrouz Mirza, Zahra Talaei

1301.2895 (Hai-Jun Zhou et al.)

(K, K')-Protected Core Percolation    [PDF]

Hai-Jun Zhou, Jin-Hua Zhao, Yang-Yu Liu

1301.2912 (Gilberto M. Kremer et al.)

Grad's moment method for relativistic gas mixtures of Maxwellian

Gilberto M. Kremer, Wilson Marques Jr

1301.2918 (Gunnar Pruessner)

SOC computer simulations    [PDF]

Gunnar Pruessner

1301.2924 (I. Biazzo et al.)

Low-temperature excitations within the Bethe approximation    [PDF]

I. Biazzo, A. Ramezanpour

1301.2952 (M. De Domenico et al.)

The Anatomy of a Scientific Gossip    [PDF]

M. De Domenico, A. Lima, P. Mougel, M. Musolesi

1301.2993 (Daniele Barettin et al.)

Optimization by Record Dynamics    [PDF]

Daniele Barettin, Paolo Sibani

1301.3025 (Shyamal Biswas et al.)

A complete theory for the magnetism of an ideal gas of electrons    [PDF]

Shyamal Biswas, Swati Sen, Debnarayan Jana

1301.3071 (Muktish Acharyya)

Polarised Electromagnetic wave propagation through the ferromagnet:
Phase boundary of dynamic phase transition

Muktish Acharyya