Tuesday, October 16, 2012

0905.4000 (Elisa Ercolessi et al.)

Exact entanglement entropy of the XYZ model and its sine-Gordon limit    [PDF]

Elisa Ercolessi, Stefano Evangelisti, Francesco Ravanini

1102.1581 (Juha Honkonen)

Ito and Stratonovich calculuses in stochastic field theory    [PDF]

Juha Honkonen

1109.5841 (Iván Calvo et al.)

Extreme value distributions and Renormalization Group    [PDF]

Iván Calvo, Juan C. Cuchí, José G. Esteve, Fernando Falceto

1205.5500 (Jacques Bloch)

A subset solution to the sign problem in random matrix simulations    [PDF]

Jacques Bloch

1210.3642 (Vladyslav A. Golyk et al.)

Small distance expansion for radiative heat transfer between curved

Vladyslav A. Golyk, Matthias Krüger, Alexander P. McCauley, Mehran Kardar

1210.3677 (Vladimir Lisy et al.)

On the correlation properties of thermal noise in fluids    [PDF]

Vladimir Lisy, Jana Tothova, Lukas Glod

1210.3704 (Jayson Paulose et al.)

Fluctuating shells under pressure    [PDF]

Jayson Paulose, Gerard A. Vliegenthart, Gerhard Gompper, David R. Nelson

1210.3737 (R. V. Romanik et al.)

A non-classical van der Waals loop: Collective variables method    [PDF]

R. V. Romanik, M. P. Kozlovskii

1210.3773 (Roy Ceder et al.)

Fluctuations in the relaxation dynamics of mixed chaotic systems    [PDF]

Roy Ceder, Oded Agam

1210.3781 (Peter Young)

Everything you wanted to know about Data Analysis and Fitting but were
afraid to ask

Peter Young

1210.3618 (Ronald Fisch)

Evidence of Long Range Order in the Riemann Zeta Function    [PDF]

Ronald Fisch

1210.3788 (Or Cohen et al.)

Ensemble inequivalence : Landau theory and the ABC model    [PDF]

Or Cohen, David Mukamel

1210.3827 (Stefan Grosskinsky et al.)

Dynamics of condensation in the symmetric inclusion process    [PDF]

Stefan Grosskinsky, Frank Redig, Kiamars Vafayi

1210.3899 (Òscar Iglesias)

Time dependent phenomena in nanoparticle assemblies    [PDF]

Òscar Iglesias

1210.3914 (X. P. Qin et al.)

Depinning phase transition in two-dimensional clock model with quenched

X. P. Qin, B. Zheng, N. J. Zhou

1210.3934 (Juha Honkonen)

Functional Methods in Stochastic Systems    [PDF]

Juha Honkonen

1210.3961 (Martin Hasenbusch)

Thermodynamic Casimir Forces between a Sphere and a Plate: Monte Carlo
Simulation of a Spin Model

Martin Hasenbusch

1210.3976 (Andrea Di Stefano et al.)

A perturbative probabilistic approach to quantum many-body systems    [PDF]

Andrea Di Stefano, Massimo Ostilli, Carlo Presilla

1210.4017 (Shoichi Toyabe et al.)

Nanosized free-energy transducer F1-ATPase achieves 100% efficiency at
finite time operation

Shoichi Toyabe, Eiro Muneyuki

1210.4028 (Stefano Evangelisti)

Semi-classical theory for quantum quenches in the O(3) non-linear sigma

Stefano Evangelisti

1210.4032 (L. Samaj et al.)

The Wigner Strong-Coupling approach    [PDF]

L. Samaj, E. Trizac

1210.4036 (Yong Wang et al.)

Optimal Control of Stochastic Magnetization Dynamics by Spin Current    [PDF]

Yong Wang, Fu-Chun Zhang

1210.4037 (A. Codello et al.)

O(N)-Universality Classes and the Mermin-Wagner Theorem    [PDF]

A. Codello, G. D'Odorico

1210.4082 (A. Campa et al.)

Caloric curves fitted by polytropic distributions in the HMF model    [PDF]

A. Campa, P. H. Chavanis

1210.4092 (Marcelo R. Ubriaco)

Geometry of Quantum Group invariant systems    [PDF]

Marcelo R. Ubriaco

1210.4109 (Shuichi Yokoyama)

Chern-Simons-Fermion Vector Model with Chemical Potential    [PDF]

Shuichi Yokoyama

1210.4111 (Lorenzo Pucci et al.)

Entropy Production in Quantum Brownian Motion    [PDF]

Lorenzo Pucci, Massimiliano Esposito, Luca Peliti

1210.4124 (Oleg Lychkovskiy)

Resolution into subsystems, decoherence and thermalization    [PDF]

Oleg Lychkovskiy