Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1102.2201 (Onofre Rojas et al.)

Equivalence between non-bilinear spin-$S$ Ising model and Wajnflasz

Onofre Rojas, S. M. de Souza

1108.5589 (P. Ván et al.)

Universal heat conduction -- the thermodynamics of some weakly nonlocal

P. Ván, T. Fülöp

1109.4127 (Evgeniy Safonov et al.)

Spin dynamics in finite cyclic XY model    [PDF]

Evgeniy Safonov, Oleg Lychkovskiy

1206.3570 (Christian Gramsch et al.)

Dynamics and description after relaxation in a quasi-disordered
integrable system after a quench

Christian Gramsch, Marcos Rigol

1206.3642 (Salvador Miracle-Sole)

A lecture on cluster expansions    [PDF]

Salvador Miracle-Sole

1206.3653 (Chikashi Arita et al.)

Entanglement properties of a higher-integer-spin AKLT model with quantum
group symmetry

Chikashi Arita, Kohei Motegi

1206.3711 (Yoshiaki Itoh et al.)

Continuum Cascade Model of Directed Random Graphs: Traveling Wave

Yoshiaki Itoh, P. L. Krapivsky

1206.3716 (Salvatore Torquato et al.)

Organizing Principles for Dense Packings of Nonspherical Hard Particles:
Not All Shapes Are Created Equal

Salvatore Torquato, Yang Jiao

1206.3734 (Salvador Miracle-Sole)

A roughening transition indicated by the behaviour of ground states    [PDF]

Salvador Miracle-Sole

1206.3736 (Salvador Miracle-Sole)

Facet shapes in a Wulff crystal    [PDF]

Salvador Miracle-Sole

1206.3739 (Salvador Miracle-Sole et al.)

On the Wulff construction as a problem of equivalence of statistical

Salvador Miracle-Sole, Jean Ruiz

1206.3755 (Jeehye Choi et al.)

Modeling the mobility with memory    [PDF]

Jeehye Choi, Jang-Il Sohn, K. -I. Goh, I. -M. Kim

1206.3770 (Pablo Serra et al.)

Self-avoiding walks on a bilayer Bethe lattice    [PDF]

Pablo Serra, Jürgen F. Stilck

1206.3795 (M. F. Torres et al.)

Intrinsic anomalous scaling in a ferromagnetic thin film model    [PDF]

M. F. Torres, R. C. Buceta

1206.3849 (Santi Prestipino et al.)

Systematic Improvement of Classical Nucleation Theory    [PDF]

Santi Prestipino, Alessandro Laio, Erio Tosatti

1206.3853 (M. Dudka et al.)

Marginal dimensions for multicritical phase transitions    [PDF]

M. Dudka, R. Folk, Yu. Holovatch, G. Moser

1206.3909 (Yoshitake Sakae et al.)

Amino-acid-dependent main-chain torsion-energy terms for protein systems    [PDF]

Yoshitake Sakae, Yuko Okamoto

1206.3953 (Florent Krzakala et al.)

Probabilistic Reconstruction in Compressed Sensing: Algorithms, Phase
Diagrams, and Threshold Achieving Matrices

Florent Krzakala, Marc Mézard, François Sausset, Yifan Sun, Lenka Zdeborová

1206.3960 (Gernot Schaller et al.)

Fluctuation theorem for a single electron transistor strongly coupled to

Gernot Schaller, Thilo Krause, Tobias Brandes, Massimiliano Esposito

1206.3984 (Sebastiano Peotta et al.)

Quantum Breathing of an Impurity in a One-dimensional Bath of
Interacting Bosons

Sebastiano Peotta, Davide Rossini, Marco Polini, Francesco Minardi, Rosario Fazio