Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1104.1410 (Martin Schwarz et al.)

Preparing projected entangled pair states on a quantum computer    [PDF]

Martin Schwarz, Kristan Temme, Frank Verstraete

1110.1241 (H. W. Diehl et al.)

Critical Casimir effect in films for generic non-symmetry-breaking
boundary conditions

H. W. Diehl, Felix M. Schmidt

1111.3734 (Sang Hoon Lee et al.)

Phase-shift inversion in oscillator systems with periodically switching

Sang Hoon Lee, Sungmin Lee, Seung-Woo Son, Petter Holme

1112.1366 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Material dependence of Casimir forces: gradient expansion beyond

G. Bimonte, T. Emig, M. Kardar

1202.4667 (David Alba et al.)

On the Relativistic Micro-Canonical Ensemble and Relativistic Kinetic
Theory for N Relativistic Particles in Inertial and Non-Inertial Rest Frames

David Alba, Horace W. Crater, Luca Lusanna

1202.4529 (Doron Cohen et al.)

A straightforward quantum-mechanical derivation of the Crooks
fluctuation theorem and the Jarzynski equality

Doron Cohen, Yoseph Imry

1202.4566 (P. P. Kostrobij et al.)

Viscoelastic description of electron subsystem of a semi-bounded metal
within generalized "jellium" model

P. P. Kostrobij, B. M. Markovych, A. I. Vasylenko, M. V. Tokarchuk

1202.4569 (M. P. Kozlovskii et al.)

Gibbs free energy and Helmholtz free energy for a three-dimensional
Ising-like model

M. P. Kozlovskii, R. V. Romanik

1202.4588 (Carlos Mejía-Monasterio et al.)

A non-perturbative renormalization group study of the stochastic
Navier--Stokes equation

Carlos Mejía-Monasterio, Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi

1202.4643 (Sourish Bondyopadhyay et al.)

Conserved mass models with stickiness and chipping    [PDF]

Sourish Bondyopadhyay, P. K. Mohanty

1202.4645 (Raffaele Pastore et al.)

'Flow & Jam' of frictional athermal systems under shear stress    [PDF]

Raffaele Pastore, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Antonio Coniglio

1202.4676 (Holger Frahm et al.)

Phase Diagram of an Integrable Alternating $U_q[sl(2|1)]$ Superspin

Holger Frahm, Márcio J. Martins

1202.4713 (Yan V. Fyodorov et al.)

Freezing Transition, Characteristic Polynomials of Random Matrices, and
the Riemann Zeta-Function

Yan V. Fyodorov, Ghaith A Hiary, Jonathan P. Keating

1202.4752 (Yohanna Seminóvski et al.)

Band gap control via tuning of inversion degree in CdIn$_2$S$_4$ spinel    [PDF]

Yohanna Seminóvski, Pablo Palacios, Perla Wahnón, Ricardo Grau-Crespo