Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1110.1276 (Cesare Nardini et al.)

Density of states of continuous and discrete spin models: a case study    [PDF]

Cesare Nardini, Rachele Nerattini, Lapo Casetti

1110.4755 (Tomasz Srokowski)

Anomalous diffusion in systems driven by the stable Levy noise with a
finite noise relaxation time and inertia

Tomasz Srokowski

1110.6610 (Robin Steinigeweg)

Spin transport in the XXZ model at high temperatures: Classical dynamics
versus quantum S=1/2 autocorrelations

Robin Steinigeweg

1111.1674 (Qian He et al.)

On the relationship between cyclic and hierarchical three-species
predator-prey systems and the two-species Lotka-Volterra model

Qian He, Uwe C. Tauber, R. K. P. Zia

1202.2939 (Santiago F. Caballero-Benitez et al.)

The Contact in the BCS-BEC crossover for finite range interatomic

Santiago F. Caballero-Benitez, Rosario Paredes, Victor Romero-Rochin

1202.2951 (Dong Wang et al.)

Species Diversity in Rock-Paper-Scissors Game Coupling with Levy Flight    [PDF]

Dong Wang, Qian Zhuang, Jing Zhang, Zengru Di

1202.2987 (N. Suramlishvili et al.)

Cross-sections of Andreev scattering by quantized vortex rings in 3He-B    [PDF]

N. Suramlishvili, A. W. Baggaley, C. F. Barenghi, Y. A. Sergeev

1202.3015 (James West et al.)

On dynamical network entropy in cancer    [PDF]

James West, Ginestra Bianconi, Simone Severini, Andrew Teschendorff

1202.3023 (Tomasz Srokowski)

Multiplicative Levy noise in bistable systems    [PDF]

Tomasz Srokowski

1202.3031 (P. H. Lundow et al.)

Critical behaviour of the Ising model on the 4-dimensional lattice    [PDF]

P. H. Lundow, K. Markström

1202.3047 (Cristian E. La Rocca et al.)

A mechanism to synchronize fluctuations in scale free networks using
growth models

Cristian E. La Rocca, Ana L. Pastore y Piontti, Lidia A. Braunstein, Pablo A. Macri

1202.3053 (Cristian E. La Rocca et al.)

Conservative model for synchronization problems in complex networks    [PDF]

Cristian E. La Rocca, Lidia A. Braunstein, Pablo A. Macri

1202.3054 (Arghavan Safavi-Naini et al.)

First order SF-MI transition in the Bose-Hubbard model with tunable
three-body onsite interaction

Arghavan Safavi-Naini, Javier von Stecher, Barbara Capogrosso-Sansone, Seth T. Rittenhouse

1202.3059 (Cristian E. La Rocca et al.)

Synchronization in Scale Free networks with degree correlation    [PDF]

Cristian E. La Rocca, Lidia A. Braunstein, Pablo A. Macri