Thursday, October 11, 2012

1012.0065 (Pascal O. Vontobel)

Counting in Graph Covers: A Combinatorial Characterization of the Bethe
Entropy Function

Pascal O. Vontobel

1202.3651 (Arvind Ayyer et al.)

New enumeration formulas for alternating sign matrices and square ice
partition functions

Arvind Ayyer, Dan Romik

1210.2404 (Yanwen Shang)

Correlation functions in the holographic replica method    [PDF]

Yanwen Shang

1210.2749 (Aaron Santos et al.)

Kinetic Pathways of the DNA Melting Transition    [PDF]

Aaron Santos, William Klein

1210.2761 (E. J. Janse van Rensburg et al.)

The pressure exerted by adsorbing directed lattice paths and staircase

E. J. Janse van Rensburg, T. Prellberg

1210.2786 (Zoran Levnajić)

Evolutionary design of non-frustrated networks of phase-repulsive

Zoran Levnajić

1210.2791 (Luca D'Alessio et al.)

Many-body energy localization transition in periodically driven systems    [PDF]

Luca D'Alessio, Anatoli Polkovnikov

1210.2798 (Huanan Li et al.)

Cumulants of heat transfer in nonlinear quantum systems    [PDF]

Huanan Li, Bijay Kumar Agarwalla, Baowen Li, Jian-Sheng Wang

1210.2823 (Nicoletta Gnan et al.)

Generalized Fluctuation-Dissipation Relation and Effective Temperature
upon Heating a Deeply Supercooled Liquid

Nicoletta Gnan, Claudio Maggi, Giorgio Parisi, Francesco Sciortino

1210.2830 (Małgorzata Zubaszewska et al.)

Capillary condensation in a pore-like geometry    [PDF]

Małgorzata Zubaszewska, Andrej Gendiar, Andrzej Drzewiński

1210.2888 (MingLiang Zhang et al.)

Radiation fields for nanoscale systems    [PDF]

MingLiang Zhang, D. A. Drabold

1210.2904 (M. P. Pato et al.)

Distribution of Schmidt-like eigenvalues for Gaussian Ensembles of the
Random Matrix Theory

M. P. Pato, G. Oshanin

1210.2941 (C. Cammarota et al.)

On the fragility of the mean-field scenario of structural glasses for
finite-dimensional disordered spin models

C. Cammarota, G. Biroli, M. Tarzia, G. Tarjus

1210.3015 (Purushottam D. Dixit)

A maximum entropy thermodynamics for small systems    [PDF]

Purushottam D. Dixit