Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2355 (Giorgio Sonnino et al.)

Reference Distribution Functions for Magnetically Confined Plasmas from
the Minimum Entropy Production Theorem and the MaxEnt Principle, subject to
the Scale-Invariant Restrictions

Giorgio Sonnino, Alessandro Cardinali, Gyorgy Steinbrecher, Philippe Peeters, Alberto Sonnino, Pasquale Nardone

1306.2366 (Mark J Panaggio et al.)

Symmetry breaking in optimal timing of traffic signals on an idealized
two-way street

Mark J Panaggio, Bertrand J Ottino-Löffler, Peiguang Hu, Daniel M Abrams

1306.2441 (Jean-Baptiste Fournier et al.)

On the dynamics of the interaction between triggered active inclusions    [PDF]

Jean-Baptiste Fournier, Kévin Sin Ronia

1306.2462 (Zoran Levnajić et al.)

Network topology reconstructed from derivative-variable correlations    [PDF]

Zoran Levnajić, Arkady Pikovsky

1306.2480 (Alessandro Seganti et al.)

Boolean constraint satisfaction problems for reaction networks    [PDF]

Alessandro Seganti, Andrea De Martino, Federico Ricci Tersenghi

1306.2510 (G. Ceccarelli et al.)

Universal behavior of two-dimensional bosonic gases at
Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless transitions

G. Ceccarelli, J. Nespolo, A. Pelissetto, E. Vicari

1306.2591 (L. Jonathan Cook et al.)

The interplay between finite resources and local defect in an asymmetric
simple exclusion process

L. Jonathan Cook, J. J. Dong, Alexander LaFleur

1306.2605 (Sayak Mukherjee et al.)

How do cell responses shape cell-to-cell variations in protein
abundances: A case study using Escherichia coli chemotaxis

Sayak Mukherjee, Sang-Cheol Seok, Veronica J. Vieland, Jayajit Das