Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1308.0660 (Hideyuki Suzuki)

Monte Carlo simulation of classical spin models with chaotic billiards    [PDF]

Hideyuki Suzuki

1308.0712 (F. Intravaia et al.)

Quantum friction and non-equilibrium fluctuation theorems    [PDF]

F. Intravaia, R. O. Behunin, D. A. R. Dalvit

1308.0734 (Christophe Chatelain)

Griffiths phase and critical behavior of the 2D Potts models with
long-range correlated disorder

Christophe Chatelain

1308.0750 (M. Burrello et al.)

Topological phase transitions driven by non-Abelian gauge potentials in
optical square lattices

M. Burrello, I. C. Fulga, E. Alba, L. Lepori, A. Trombettoni

1308.0756 (Adrian E. Feiguin et al.)

Hermitian and non-Hermitian thermal Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Adrian E. Feiguin, Israel Klich

1308.0793 (Michel Bauer et al.)

Real time imaging of quantum and thermal fluctuations: the case of a
two-level system

Michel Bauer, Denis Bernard

1308.0823 (H. Schenck et al.)

Vector chiral phases in frustrated 2D XY model and quantum spin chains    [PDF]

H. Schenck, V. L. Pokrovsky, T. Nattermann

1308.0962 (Sona John et al.)

Effect of linkage on the equilibrium frequency of deleterious mutations    [PDF]

Sona John, Kavita Jain

1308.0972 (Jürg Diemand et al.)

Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Homogeneous Nucleation    [PDF]

Jürg Diemand, Raymond Angélil, Kyoko K. Tanaka, Hidekazu Tanaka

1308.1083 (Eric Perlmutter)

A universal feature of CFT Renyi entropy    [PDF]

Eric Perlmutter