Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1110.1955 (Reinaldo Garcia-Garcia et al.)

Lévy flights on the half line    [PDF]

Reinaldo Garcia-Garcia, Alberto Rosso, Gregory Schehr

1110.2065 (Supriya Krishnamurthy et al.)

On the behaviour of random K-SAT on trees    [PDF]

Supriya Krishnamurthy, Sumedha

1110.3524 (A. Gorsky et al.)

Random ballistic growth and diffusion in symmetric spaces    [PDF]

A. Gorsky, S. Nechaev, R. Santachiara, G. Schehr

1111.2005 (Shu Tanaka et al.)

Network-Growth Rule Dependency of Percolation Criticality -- Generalized
Explosive Percolation

Shu Tanaka, Ryo Tamura

1111.2033 (Volodymyr P. Sergiievskyi)

Fast calculation of thermodynamic and structural parameters of solutions
using the 3DRISM model and the multi-grid method

Volodymyr P. Sergiievskyi

1112.2186 (Tobias Kesselring et al.)

Nanoscale Dynamics of Phase Flipping in Water near its Hypothesized
Liquid-Liquid Critical Point

Tobias Kesselring, Giancarlo Franzese, Sergey Buldyrev, Hans Herrmann, H. Eugene Stanley

1112.4439 (Rajiv R. P. Singh et al.)

Corrections to Pauling residual entropy and single tetrahedron based
approximations for the pyrochlore lattice Ising antiferromagnet

Rajiv R. P. Singh, J. Oitmaa

1112.4743 (B. B. Markiv et al.)

On the problem of a consistent description of kinetic and hydrodynamic
processes in dense gases and liquids: Collective excitations spectrum

B. B. Markiv, I. P. Omelyan, M. V. Tokarchuk

1201.0698 (Bandan Chakrabortty et al.)

A two-species model of a two-dimensional sandpile surface: a case of
asymptotic roughening

Bandan Chakrabortty, Anita Mehta

1201.4369 (Antoine Allard et al.)

Exact solution of bond percolation on small arbitrary graphs    [PDF]

Antoine Allard, Laurent Hébert-Dufresne, Pierre-André Noël, Vincent Marceau, Louis J. Dubé

1204.6050 (Ronald Benjamin et al.)

Wall-liquid and wall-crystal interfacial free energies via thermodynamic
integration: A molecular dynamics simulation study

Ronald Benjamin, Jürgen Horbach

1204.6074 (Ydalia Delgado Mercado et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of the SU(3) spin model with chemical potential
in a flux representation

Ydalia Delgado Mercado, Christof Gattringer

1204.6107 (Jiayuan Luo et al.)

Physics of the Jagla Model as the Liquid-Liquid Coexistence Line
Approaches Horizontal

Jiayuan Luo, Limei Xu, C. Austen Angell, H. Eugene Stanley, Sergey V. Buldyrev

1204.6130 (Sylvain Joubaud et al.)

Fluctuation theorems for an asymmetric rotor in a granular gas    [PDF]

Sylvain Joubaud, Detlef Lohse, Devaraj Van Der Meer

1204.6144 (Roberto Franzosi CNR)

Geometric Microcanonical Thermodynamics for Systems with First Integrals    [PDF]

Roberto Franzosi CNR

1204.6168 (Vlatko Vedral)

An Information--Theoretic Equality Implying the Jarzynski Relation    [PDF]

Vlatko Vedral

1204.6176 (F. Lombardi et al.)

The balance between excitation and inhibition controls the temporal
organization of neuronal avalanches

F. Lombardi, H. J. Herrmann, C. Perrone-Capano, D. Plenz, L. de Arcangelis

1204.6192 (Taras Yavors'kii et al.)

Optimized GPU simulation of continuous-spin glass models    [PDF]

Taras Yavors'kii, Martin Weigel

1204.6392 (Corentin Herbert et al.)

Statistical mechanics of quasi-geostrophic flows on a rotating sphere    [PDF]

Corentin Herbert, Bérengère Dubrulle, Pierre-Henri Chavanis, Didier Paillard

1204.6429 (Tibor Antal et al.)

Molecular Spiders on the Plane    [PDF]

Tibor Antal, P. L. Krapivsky

1204.6442 (Evgeniy Khain et al.)

Velocity fluctuations of noisy reaction fronts propagating into a
metastable state: testing theory in stochastic simulations

Evgeniy Khain, Baruch Meerson

1204.6483 (Victor M. Yakovenko)

Applications of statistical mechanics to economics: Entropic origin of
the probability distributions of money, income, and energy consumption

Victor M. Yakovenko

1204.6496 (Hong Qian)

A Decomposition of Irreversible Diffusion Processes Without Detailed

Hong Qian

1204.6519 (M. I. Dykman et al.)

Large rare fluctuations in systems with delayed dissipation    [PDF]

M. I. Dykman, I. B. Schwartz

1204.6536 (Ryoichi Kawai et al.)

A hard disk analysis of momentum deficit due to dissipation    [PDF]

Ryoichi Kawai, Antoine Fruleux, Ken Sekimoto

1204.6585 (Anoop Varghese et al.)

Aggregation of rod-like polyelectrolyte chains in the presence of
monovalent counterions

Anoop Varghese, R. Rajesh, Satyavani Vemparala

1204.6634 (Smarajit Karmakar et al.)

Finite Size Scaling for the Glass Transition: the Role of a Static
Length Scale

Smarajit Karmakar, Itamar Procaccia

1204.6732 (P. H. Lundow et al.)

The Fortuin-Kasteleyn and Damage Spreading transitions in Random bond
Ising lattices

P. H. Lundow, I. A. Campbell

1204.6734 (G. Kaehlerand et al.)

A fluctuating lattice-Boltzmann method with improved Galilean invariance    [PDF]

G. Kaehlerand, A. J. Wagner