Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.4986 (S. Genway et al.)

Dynamics of thermalization and decoherence of a nanoscale system    [PDF]

S. Genway, A. F. Ho, D. K. K. Lee

1306.4989 (Matthew J. M. Power et al.)

Dynamical symmetry breaking with optimal control: reducing the number of

Matthew J. M. Power, Gabriele De Chiara

1306.4993 (Marco Gherardi)

Theta-point polymers in the plane and Schramm-Loewner evolution    [PDF]

Marco Gherardi

1306.4996 (Antônio Márcio P. Silva et al.)

Critical Line of the O($N$) Loop Model on the Square Lattice    [PDF]

Antônio Márcio P. Silva, Adriaan M. J. Schakel, Giovani L. Vasconcelos

1306.5004 (Edward D. Lee et al.)

Statistical mechanics of the US Supreme Court    [PDF]

Edward D. Lee, Chase P. Broedersz, William Bialek

1306.5017 (Dmitri A. Ivanov et al.)

Fisher-Hartwig expansion for Toeplitz determinants and the spectrum of a
single-particle reduced density matrix for one-dimensional free fermions

Dmitri A. Ivanov, Alexander G. Abanov

1306.5047 (Awaneesh Singh et al.)

Kinetics of Phase Transitions in Quark Matter    [PDF]

Awaneesh Singh, Sanjay Puri, Hiranmaya Mishra

1306.5123 (Aleks Reinhardt et al.)

Homogeneous TIP4P/2005 ice nucleation at low supercooling    [PDF]

Aleks Reinhardt, Jonathan P. K. Doye

1306.5147 (Federico Corberi et al.)

Scaling in the Aging Dynamics of the Site-diluted Ising Model    [PDF]

Federico Corberi, Eugenio Lippiello, Anupam Mukherjee, Sanjay Puri, Marco Zannetti