Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1210.1961 (Mina Kim et al.)

Coarsening Dynamics of Nonequilibrium Chiral Ising Models    [PDF]

Mina Kim, Su-Chan Park, Jae Dong Noh

1210.1987 (Saroj Kumar Nandi et al.)

Yielding and large deviations in micellar gels: a model    [PDF]

Saroj Kumar Nandi, Bulbul Chakraborty, A. K. Sood, Sriram Ramaswamy

1210.2172 (Vladimir Mitev et al.)

The Tetrahedron Zamolodchikov Algebra and the AdS5 x S5 S-matrix    [PDF]

Vladimir Mitev, Matthias Staudacher, Zengo Tsuboi

1210.2176 (Xia-Ji Liu)

Virial expansion for a strongly correlated Fermi system and its
application to ultracold atomic Fermi gases

Xia-Ji Liu

1210.2224 (Alexander Iomin)

Superdiffusive comb: Application to experimental observation of
anomalous diffusion in one dimension

Alexander Iomin

1210.2232 (A. Iomin et al.)

Application of hyperbolic scaling for calculation of
reaction-subdiffusion front propagation

A. Iomin, I. M. Sokolov

1210.2236 (Michael Blank)

Stochastic stability of traffic maps    [PDF]

Michael Blank

1210.2239 (Vicente Garzó et al.)

Diffusion transport coefficients for granular binary mixtures at low
density. Second Sonine approximation

Vicente Garzó, J. Aaron Murray, Francisco Vega Reyes

1210.2262 (Alessandro Sfondrini)

An introduction to universality and renormalization group techniques    [PDF]

Alessandro Sfondrini

1210.2283 (Hartmut H K Lentz et al.)

Unfolding accessibility provides a macroscopic approach to temporal

Hartmut H K Lentz, Thomas Selhorst, Igor M Sokolov

1210.2336 (Carla Bosia et al.)

Modeling competing endogenous RNAs networks    [PDF]

Carla Bosia, Andrea Pagnani, Riccardo Zecchina

1210.2338 (Matteo Figliuzzi et al.)

MicroRNAs as a selective, post-transcriptional channel of communication
between ceRNAs: a steady-state theory

Matteo Figliuzzi, Enzo Marinari, Andrea De Martino