Thursday, February 9, 2012

1103.3445 (Sigurdur Orn Stefansson)

Markov branching in the vertex splitting model    [PDF]

Sigurdur Orn Stefansson

1104.0381 (Lin Tongling et al.)

Study of the path probability of a Brownian motion    [PDF]

Lin Tongling, Pujos Cyril, Ou Congjie, Bi Wenping, Calvayrac Florent, Wang Qiuping A

1105.5456 (Sosuke Ito et al.)

Effects of error on fluctuations under feedback control    [PDF]

Sosuke Ito, Masaki Sano

1112.1193 (Michele Caraglio et al.)

Effects of confinement on thermal stability and folding kinetics in a
simple Ising-like model

Michele Caraglio, Alessandro Pelizzola

1112.1263 (E. A. J. F. Peters et al.)

Rejection-free Monte-Carlo sampling for general potentials    [PDF]

E. A. J. F. Peters, G. de With

1112.1605 (George L. Daquila et al.)

Non-equilibrium relaxation and critical aging for driven Ising lattice

George L. Daquila, Uwe C. Tauber

1201.0810 (Chi-Lun Lee)

Energy and entropy effects of counterions in salt-free colloidal

Chi-Lun Lee

1202.1614 (Justin H. Wilson et al.)

Entanglement dynamics in a non-Markovian environment: an exactly
solvable model

Justin H. Wilson, Benjamin M. Fregoso, Victor M. Galitski

1202.1658 (M. N. Najafi et al.)

Avalanche frontiers in dissipative abelian sandpile model as
off-critical SLE(2)

M. N. Najafi, Saman Moghimi-Araghi, S. Rouhani

1202.1688 (Uwe Thiele et al.)

Thermodynamically consistent description of the hydrodynamics of free
surfaces covered by insoluble surfactants of high concentration

Uwe Thiele, Andrew J. Archer, Mathis Plapp

1202.1716 (Michio Otsuki et al.)

Breakdown of the Amontons' Law of Friction in Elastic Object with
Friction Obeying Amontons' Law Locally

Michio Otsuki, Hiroshi Matsukawa

1202.1728 (Raffaele Pastore et al.)

Absence of `fragility' and mechanical response of jammed granular

Raffaele Pastore, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Antonio Coniglio

1202.1744 (Christoph Gögelein et al.)

Fluid-Fluid and Fluid-Solid transitions in the Kern-Frenkel model from
Barker-Henderson thermodynamic perturbation theory

Christoph Gögelein, Flavio Romano, Francesco Sciortino, Achille Giacometti

1202.1789 (K. Gorska et al.)

Levy stable distributions via associated integral transform    [PDF]

K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1202.1809 (Claudio Chamon et al.)

Virtual parallel computing and a search algorithm using matrix product

Claudio Chamon, Eduardo R. Mucciolo

1202.1810 (Fernanda P. da C. Benetti et al.)

Ergodicity Breaking and Parametric Resonances in Systems with Long-Range

Fernanda P. da C. Benetti, Tarcísio N. Teles, Renato Pakter, Yan Levin