Monday, June 25, 2012

1001.3732 (M. V. Simkin et al.)

Stochastic modeling of Congress    [PDF]

M. V. Simkin, V. P. Roychowdhury

1010.0803 (Matthias Scholz)

Node similarity as a basic principle behind connectivity in complex

Matthias Scholz

1108.0742 (Takamitsu Watanabe)

Rich-club network topology to minimize synchronization cost due to phase
difference among frequency-synchronized oscillators

Takamitsu Watanabe

1206.5025 (Benjamin R. Safdi)

Exact and Numerical Results on Entanglement Entropy in (5+1)-Dimensional

Benjamin R. Safdi

1206.5062 (Tomoaki Nogawa et al.)

Generalized scaling theory for critical phenomena including essential
singularity and infinite dimensionality

Tomoaki Nogawa, Takehisa Hasegawa, Koji Nemoto

1206.5064 (Tomoaki Nogawa et al.)

Novel criticality governed by the stable renormalization fixed point of
the Ising model in the hierarchical small-world network

Tomoaki Nogawa, Takehisa Hasegawa, Koji Nemoto

1206.5127 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Escort distributions and Tsallis entropy    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1206.5156 (Ümit Akıncı)

Effects of the randomly distributed magnetic field on the phase diagrams
of the Ising Nanowire II: continuous distributions

Ümit Akıncı

1206.5225 (Robert C. Myers et al.)

Entanglement Entropy for Singular Surfaces    [PDF]

Robert C. Myers, Ajay Singh