Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1203.4996 (Alexi Morin-Duchesne et al.)

A homomorphism between link and XXZ modules over the periodic
Temperley-Lieb algebra

Alexi Morin-Duchesne, Yvan Saint-Aubin

1302.6251 (U. Marzolino et al.)

Frustration, Entanglement, and Correlations in Quantum Many Body Systems    [PDF]

U. Marzolino, S. M. Giampaolo, F. Illuminati

1302.6254 (Tanguy Laffargue et al.)

Large deviations of Lyapunov exponents    [PDF]

Tanguy Laffargue, Khanh-Dang Nguyen Thu Lam, Jorge Kurchan, Julien Tailleur

1302.6272 (Adam P. Willard et al.)

Characterizing heterogeneous dynamics at hydrated electrode surfaces    [PDF]

Adam P. Willard, David T. Limmer, Paul A. Madden, David Chandler

1302.6280 (John W. Biddle et al.)

Thermal Conductivity of Supercooled Water    [PDF]

John W. Biddle, Vincent Holten, Jan V. Sengers, Mikhail A. Anisimov

1302.6316 (M. V. N. Murthy et al.)

A phenomenological approach to the equation of state of a unitary Fermi

M. V. N. Murthy, M. Brack, R. K. Bhaduri

1302.6349 (Hal Tasaki)

"Polar" and "antiferromagnetic" order in f=1 many-boson systems    [PDF]

Hal Tasaki

1302.6394 (R. Juhász et al.)

Infinite randomness critical behavior of the contact process on networks
with long-range connections

R. Juhász, I. A. Kovács

1302.6469 (Alan A. Dzhioev et al.)

Configuration interaction method for out-of-equilibrium correlated
many-body systems -- admixing nonequilibrium quasiparticle excitations to
density matrix

Alan A. Dzhioev, D. S. Kosov

1302.6478 (Léo Granger et al.)

Differential Landauer's principle    [PDF]

Léo Granger, Holger Kantz

1302.6487 (O. Melchert et al.)

Typical and large-deviation properties of minimum-energy paths on
disordered hierarchical lattices

O. Melchert, A. K. Hartmann

1302.6513 (Bernd Schmidt)

Ground states of the 2D Heitmann-Radin model: nonuniqueness and
$N^{3/4}$ law for the deviation from the asymptotic Wulff shape

Bernd Schmidt

1302.6544 (P. I. Hurtado et al.)

Typical and rare fluctuations in nonlinear driven diffusive systems with

P. I. Hurtado, A. Lasanta, A. Prados

1302.6564 (David A. Quint et al.)

Swarming in disordered environments    [PDF]

David A. Quint, Ajay Gopinathan

1302.6575 (R. M. Keumo Tsiaze et al.)

Finite-size and Fluctuation Effects on Phase Transition and Critical
Phenomena using Mean-Field Approach Based on Renormalized $φ^{4}$ Model:
I. Theory

R. M. Keumo Tsiaze, S. E. Mkam Tchouobiap, A. J. Fotué, C. Kenfack Sadem, J. E. Danga, C. Lukong Faï, M. N. Hounkonnou