Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1009.5534 (Agata Fronczak)

General, combinatorial formula for the density of states: insights into
the energy equipartition principle and the theory of phase transitions

Agata Fronczak

1010.2981 (Andrzej Jarosz)

Hermitian and non-Hermitian covariance estimators for multivariate
Gaussian and non-Gaussian assets from random matrix theory

Andrzej Jarosz

1104.3526 (M. Reza Shaebani et al.)

Nonadditivity of Fluctuation-Induced Forces in Fluidized Granular Media    [PDF]

M. Reza Shaebani, Jalal Sarabadani, Dietrich E. Wolf

1109.3124 (Tomaz Prosen)

Thermodynamic limit of Mazur bound on the spin stiffness of XXZ chain,
using the almost-conserved Z-operator

Tomaz Prosen

1112.0148 (Hikaru Kawamura et al.)

Statistical Physics of Fracture, Friction and Earthquake    [PDF]

Hikaru Kawamura, Takahiro Hatano, Naoyuki Kato, Soumyajyoti Biswas, Bikas K. Chakrabarti

1205.4252 (Ralph Kenna)

Universal scaling relations for logarithmic-correction exponents    [PDF]

Ralph Kenna

1205.4300 (Davide Branduardi et al.)

Metadynamics with adaptive Gaussians    [PDF]

Davide Branduardi, Giovanni Bussi, Michele Parrinello

1205.4331 (Viktor Eisler et al.)

On entanglement evolution across defects in critical chains    [PDF]

Viktor Eisler, Ingo Peschel

1205.4373 (D. B. Liarte et al.)

Enhancement of nematic order and global phase diagram of a lattice model
for coupled nematic systems

D. B. Liarte, S. R. Salinas

1205.4384 (Fragkiskos Papadopoulos et al.)

Replaying the Geometric Growth of Complex Networks and Application to
the AS Internet

Fragkiskos Papadopoulos, Constantinos Psomas, Dmitri Krioukov

1205.4386 (Pei Wang)

The breakdown of the zeroth law of thermodynamics and the definition of
temperature in small quantum systems

Pei Wang

1205.4434 (F. J. Cao et al.)

Open Problems on Information and Feedback Controlled Systems    [PDF]

F. J. Cao, M. Feito

1205.4445 (Robin C. Ball et al.)

Collective oscillations in driven coagulation    [PDF]

Robin C. Ball, Colm Connaughton, Peter P. Jones, R. Rajesh, Oleg Zaboronski

1205.4529 (V. I. Yukalov et al.)

Double-Well Optical Lattices with Atomic Vibrations and Mesoscopic

V. I. Yukalov, E. P. Yukalova

1205.4541 (Yasar Yilmaz Atas et al.)

Multifractality of eigenfunctions in spin chains    [PDF]

Yasar Yilmaz Atas, Eugene Bogomolny

1205.4584 (Oriane Blondel et al.)

Fredrickson-Andersen one spin facilitated model out of equilibrium    [PDF]

Oriane Blondel, Nicoletta Cancrini, Fabio Martinelli, Cyril Roberto, Cristina Toninelli

1205.4593 (M. Reza Shaebani et al.)

Unilateral interactions in granular packings: A model for the anisotropy

M. Reza Shaebani, Jens Boberski, Dietrich E. Wolf

1205.4633 (Wm. G. Hoover et al.)

Microscopic and Macroscopic Rayleigh-Benard Flows : Continuum and
Particle Simulations, Turbulence, Fluctuations, Time Reversibility, and
Lyapunov Instability

Wm. G. Hoover, Carol G. Hoover

1205.4659 (Loren Coquille et al.)

On the Gibbs states of the noncritical Potts model on Z^2    [PDF]

Loren Coquille, Hugo Duminil-Copin, Dmitry Ioffe, Yvan Velenik