Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1106.2226 (Lionel Levine et al.)

The looping constant of Z^d    [PDF]

Lionel Levine, Yuval Peres

1109.2545 (Peter Olsson et al.)

Duality in Shearing Rheology Near the Athermal Jamming Transition    [PDF]

Peter Olsson, S. Teitel

1111.1494 (Evan Hohlfeld et al.)

Scale and Nature of Sulcification Patterns    [PDF]

Evan Hohlfeld, L. Mahadevan

1205.1738 (P. A. Varotsos et al.)

Order parameter fluctuations in natural time and b-value variation
before large earthquakes

P. A. Varotsos, N. V. Sarlis, E. S. Skordas

1207.3811 (Arda Halu et al.)

Monochromaticity in Neutral Evolutionary Network Models    [PDF]

Arda Halu, Ginestra Bianconi

1207.3820 (Jean-Marie Stéphan et al.)

Entanglement in gapless resonating valence bond states    [PDF]

Jean-Marie Stéphan, Hyejin Ju, Paul Fendley, Roger G. Melko

1207.3881 (Illarion Dorofeyev)

Coupled quantum oscillators within independent quantum reservoirs    [PDF]

Illarion Dorofeyev

1207.3883 (Imam Tashdid ul Alam et al.)

Integrability as a consequence of discrete holomorphicity: the Z_N model    [PDF]

Imam Tashdid ul Alam, Murray T. Batchelor

1207.3892 (T. H. Beuman et al.)

Stochastic geometry and topology of non-Gaussian fields    [PDF]

T. H. Beuman, A. M. Turner, V. Vitelli

1207.3930 (Nicolas Pose et al.)

Conductivity of Coniglio-Klein clusters    [PDF]

Nicolas Pose, Nuno A. M. Araujo, Hans J. Herrmann

1207.3938 (S. Amokrane et al.)

Accurate prediction of the glass transition in classical fluids: a
pragmatic modification of the mode coupling theory

S. Amokrane, F. Tchangnwa Nya, J. M. Ndjaka

1207.3939 (Yong Xu et al.)

Lévy Noise-Induced Stochastic Resonance in a Bistable System    [PDF]

Yong Xu, Juanjuan Li, Jing Feng, Huiqing Zhang, Wei Xu, Jinqiao Duan

1207.3970 (Alfred Hucht et al.)

Sheared Ising models in three dimensions    [PDF]

Alfred Hucht, Sebastian Angst

1207.3977 (Gilberto M. Kremer)

The Boltzmann equation in special and general relativity    [PDF]

Gilberto M. Kremer

1207.3978 (Gilberto M. Kremer)

Relativistic Ohm and Fourier laws for binary mixtures of electrons with
protons and photons

Gilberto M. Kremer

1207.3994 (Xiaoran Yan et al.)

Model Selection for Degree-corrected Block Models    [PDF]

Xiaoran Yan, Jacob E. Jensen, Florent Krzakala, Cristopher Moore, Cosma Rohilla Shalizi, Lenka Zdeborova, Pan Zhang, Yaojia Zhu

1207.4003 (Stefan Schnabel et al.)

Fictitious excitations in the classical Heisenberg antiferromagnet on
the kagome lattice

Stefan Schnabel, David P. Landau

1207.4008 (J. F. Fernández et al.)

Pair correlation function for spin glasses    [PDF]

J. F. Fernández, J. J. Alonso

1207.4014 (Jean-Michel Caillol)

Critical line of the $Φ^4$ theory on a simple cubic lattice in the
local potential approximation

Jean-Michel Caillol

1207.4057 (Kazumitsu Sakai)

Multiple Schramm-Loewner evolutions for conformal field theories with
Lie algebra symmetries

Kazumitsu Sakai

1207.4062 (Christian Beck et al.)

Statistics of Lagrangian quantum turbulence    [PDF]

Christian Beck, Shihan Miah

1207.4106 (J. Ricardo G. Mendonça)

Exact eigespectrum of the symmetric simple exclusion process on the
complete, complete bipartite, and related graphs

J. Ricardo G. Mendonça