Monday, February 20, 2012

1003.1366 (Oliver J. Rosten)

Fundamentals of the Exact Renormalization Group    [PDF]

Oliver J. Rosten

1111.3131 (Rongzheng Wan et al.)

Asymmetric transportation induced by thermal noise at the nanoscale    [PDF]

Rongzheng Wan, Jun Hu, Haiping Fang

1202.3793 (Elias Castellanos et al.)

Critical Temperature Associated to Symmetry Breaking of Klein--Gordon
fields versus Condensation Temperature in a Weakly interacting Bose--Einstein

Elias Castellanos, Tonatiuh Matos

1202.3805 (Yu. E. Kuzovlev)

On origin of 1/f noise in manganites: memoryless transport against
mysterious slow fluctuators

Yu. E. Kuzovlev

1202.3806 (E. Castellanos et al.)

Modified Bosonic Gas Trapped in a Generic 3-dim Power Law Potential    [PDF]

E. Castellanos, C. Laemmerzahl

1202.3842 (Simone Melchionna et al.)

Stabilized Lattice Boltzmann-Enskog method for compressible flows and
its application to one and two-component fluids in nanochannels

Simone Melchionna, Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi

1202.3909 (J. Spiechowicz et al.)

Control of transport characteristics in two coupled Josephson junctions    [PDF]

J. Spiechowicz, L. Machura, M. Kostur, J. Luczka

1202.3966 (B. Markiv et al.)

Statistical Description of Hydrodynamic Processes in Ionic Melts with
taking into account Polarization Effects

B. Markiv, A. Vasylenko, M. Tokarchuk

1202.3978 (A. Carati et al.)

Transition from order to chaos, and density limit, in magnetized plasmas    [PDF]

A. Carati, M. Zuin, A. Maiocchi, M. Marino, E. Martines, L. Galgani

1202.3982 (John J. Williamson et al.)

Spinodal fractionation in a polydisperse square well fluid    [PDF]

John J. Williamson, R. Mike L. Evans

1202.3989 (Rodrigo Villavicencio-Sanchez et al.)

Current loops and fluctuations in the zero-range process on a diamond

Rodrigo Villavicencio-Sanchez, Rosemary Harris, Hugo Touchette