Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1105.2219 (Stewart E. Barnes et al.)

Noise and Topology in Driven Systems - an Application to Interface

Stewart E. Barnes, Jean-Pierre Eckmann, Thierry Giamarchi, Vivien Lecomte

1106.4215 (Paolo Moretti et al.)

Heterogenous mean-field analysis of a generalized voter-like model on

Paolo Moretti, Suyu Liu, Andrea Baronchelli, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras

1107.5215 (Stefan Grosskinsky et al.)

Lattice permutations and Poisson-Dirichlet distribution of cycle lengths    [PDF]

Stefan Grosskinsky, Alexander A. Lovisolo, Daniel Ueltschi

1107.5287 (S. Hosseinabadi et al.)

Geometrical exponents of contour loops on synthetic multifractal rough
surfaces: multiplicative hierarchical cascade p-model

S. Hosseinabadi, M. A. Rajabpour, M. Sadegh Movahed, S. M. Vaez Allaei

1109.5324 (Daniel Hurowitz et al.)

The non-equilibrium steady state of sparse systems with nontrivial

Daniel Hurowitz, Saar Rahav, Doron Cohen

1110.5348 (Don Blair et al.)

Packing Squares in a Torus    [PDF]

Don Blair, Christian D. Santangelo, Jon Machta

1112.0044 (Marcus V. S. Bonança)

Relaxation in finite and isolated classical systems: an extension of
Onsager's regression hypothesis

Marcus V. S. Bonança

1112.4662 (Sergey N. Solodukhin)

Entropy of random entangling surfaces    [PDF]

Sergey N. Solodukhin

1201.2855 (Chris A. Brackley et al.)

Multiple phase transitions in a system of exclusion processes with
limited reservoirs of particles and fuel carriers

Chris A. Brackley, Luca Ciandrini, M. Carmen Romano

1203.3817 (Ayumu Sugita)

Perturbative Analysis of Nonequilibrium Steady States in Quantum Systems    [PDF]

Ayumu Sugita

1203.3828 (C. V. Morais et al.)

Inverse freezing in the Ghatak-Sherrington model with a random field    [PDF]

C. V. Morais, M. J. Lazo, F. M. Zimmer, S. G. Magalhaes

1203.3861 (Yu. E. Kuzovlev)

Dynamical virial relations and invalidity of the Boltzmann kinetic

Yu. E. Kuzovlev

1203.3874 (Hong Qian)

Open Chemical Systems Theory and Its Implications to Darwinian
Evolutionary Dynamics, Complex Self-Organization and Beyond

Hong Qian

1203.3905 (P. L. Krapivsky et al.)

Driven Brownian coagulation of polymers    [PDF]

P. L. Krapivsky, Colm Connaughton

1203.3910 (L. Simine et al.)

Vibrational cooling, heating, and instability in molecular conducting
junctions: Full counting statistics analysis

L. Simine, D. Segal

1203.3936 (H. Bergeron et al.)

Generating functions for generalized binomial distributions    [PDF]

H. Bergeron, E. M. F. Curado, J. P. Gazeau, Ligia M. C. S. Rodrigues

1203.3939 (Vladimir Garcia-Morales)

Mathematical Physics of Cellular Automata    [PDF]

Vladimir Garcia-Morales

1203.3990 (Matthew Drake et al.)

Computational Study of a Multistep Height Model    [PDF]

Matthew Drake, Jon Machta, Youjin Deng, Douglas Abraham, Charles Newman

1203.4055 (H. G. E. Hentschel et al.)

Co-dimension 2 plasticity in magnetoelastic amorphous solids    [PDF]

H. G. E. Hentschel, Valery Ilyin, Itamar Procaccia

1203.4062 (Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi et al.)

Heat release by controlled continuous-time Markov jump processes    [PDF]

Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi, Carlos Mejía-Monasterio, Luca Peliti

1203.4073 (P. F. Bienzobaz et al.)

Quantum spherical model with competing interactions    [PDF]

P. F. Bienzobaz, S. R. Salinas

1203.4082 (Marco Baiesi et al.)

Fibril elongation mechanisms of HET-s prion-forming domain: Topological
evidence for growth polarity

Marco Baiesi, Flavio Seno, Antonio Trovato

1203.4181 (Giorgio Sonnino et al.)

General Approach for Deriving Reference Distribution Functions for
Systems out of Equilibrium by Statistical Thermodynamics

Giorgio Sonnino, Alessandro Cardinali, Mustapha Tlidi, Philippe Peeters, György Steinbrecher, Alexander Milovanov