Thursday, June 21, 2012

1111.5406 (Lieh-Jeng Chang et al.)

Higgs transition from a magnetic Coulomb liquid to a ferromagnet in

Lieh-Jeng Chang, Shigeki Onoda, Yixi Su, Ying-Jer Kao, Ku-Ding Tsuei, Yukio Yasui, Kazuhisa Kakurai, Martin Richard Lees

1112.1907 (Álvaro de Almeida Caparica)

The microcanonical temperature in the Wang-Landau sampling    [PDF]

Álvaro de Almeida Caparica

1206.4332 (Manal Al-Ali et al.)

Percolation transition in quantum Ising and rotor models with sub-Ohmic

Manal Al-Ali, José A. Hoyos, Thomas Vojta

1206.4356 (Shi-shyr Roan)

Quantum Group Theory in $τ^{(2)}$-model, Duality of
$τ^{(2)}$-model and XXZ-model with Cyclic ${\bf U_q(sl_2)}$-representation
for ${\bf q^n =1}$, and Chiral Potts Model

Shi-shyr Roan

1206.4359 (Filippo Simini et al.)

Continuum approach for a class of mobility models    [PDF]

Filippo Simini, Amos Maritan, Zoltán Néda

1206.4419 (Jean-Yves Fortin)

Random site dilution properties of frustrated magnets on a hierarchical

Jean-Yves Fortin

1206.4420 (Thomas Bury)

Statistical foundation of the pairwise interaction model of the stock

Thomas Bury

1206.4432 (G. Wergen et al.)

Rounding Effects in Record Statistics    [PDF]

G. Wergen, D. Volovik, S. Redner, J. Krug

1206.4433 (Alessio Zaccone et al.)

Theory of molecular crowding in Brownian hard-sphere liquids with
application to the polymer coil-globule transition

Alessio Zaccone, Eugene M. Terentjev

1206.4469 (Jorge Hidalgo et al.)

Stochastic Amplification of Fluctuations in Cortical Up-states    [PDF]

Jorge Hidalgo, Luis F. Seoane, Jesus M. Cortes, Miguel A. Munoz

1206.4475 (C. V. Bizarro et al.)

Non-specific binding of Na$^+$ and Mg$^{2+}$ to RNA determined by force
spectroscopy methods

C. V. Bizarro, A. Alemany, F. Ritort

1206.4501 (Jacyana S. M. Fonseca et al.)

Stripe-tetragonal phase transition in the 2D Ising model with dipole
interactions: Partition-function zeros approach

Jacyana S. M. Fonseca, Leandro G. Rizzi, Nelson A. Alves

1206.4538 (Rajeev Kumar et al.)

Charge regulation and local dielectric function in planar
polyelectrolyte brushes

Rajeev Kumar, Bobby G. Sumpter, S. Michael Kilbey II

1206.4557 (Ryo Fujie et al.)

A model of competition among more than two languages    [PDF]

Ryo Fujie, Kazuyuki Aihara, Naoki Masuda

1206.4559 (B. I. Lev et al.)

Unification of the standard and gradient theories of phase transition    [PDF]

B. I. Lev, A. G. Zagorodny