Wednesday, March 7, 2012

1108.6120 (Nianbei Li et al.)

Phononics: Manipulating heat flow with electronic analogs and beyond    [PDF]

Nianbei Li, Jie Ren, Lei Wang, Gang Zhang, Peter Hänggi, Baowen Li

1110.3632 (M. D. Schulz et al.)

Breakdown of a perturbed Z_N topological phase    [PDF]

M. D. Schulz, S. Dusuel, R. Orus, J. Vidal, K. P. Schmidt

1110.5377 (Thomas Kauê Dal'Maso Peron et al.)

Explosive synchronization enhanced by time-delayed coupling    [PDF]

Thomas Kauê Dal'Maso Peron, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues

1110.6314 (Cheng Guo et al.)

Critical and strong-coupling phases in one- and two-bath spin-boson

Cheng Guo, Andreas Weichselbaum, Jan von Delft, Matthias Vojta

1112.0387 (Kyu-Min Lee et al.)

Sandpiles on multiplex networks    [PDF]

Kyu-Min Lee, K. -I. Goh, I. -M. Kim

1203.0661 (Shamik Gupta et al.)

One-dimensional lattice of oscillators coupled through power-law
interactions: Continuum limit and dynamics of spatial Fourier modes

Shamik Gupta, Max Potters, Stefano Ruffo

1203.1089 (Michio Otsuki et al.)

Rheology of sheared granular particles near jamming transition    [PDF]

Michio Otsuki, Hisao Hayakawa

1203.1132 (Shu-Chiuan Chang et al.)

Ice model and eight-vertex model on the two-dimensional Sierpinski

Shu-Chiuan Chang, Lung-Chi Chen, Hsin-Yun Lee

1203.1179 (Chuansheng Shen et al.)

An optimal strategy to suppress epidemic explosion in heterogeneous
metapopulation networks

Chuansheng Shen, Hanshuang Chen, Zhonghuai Hou

1203.1186 (Tanay Nag et al.)

The scaling of the decoherence factor of a qubit coupled to a spin chain
driven across quantum critical points

Tanay Nag, Uma Divakaran, Amit Dutta

1203.1260 (Eugene B. Kolomeisky)

Brownian motion of the electron and the Lamb shift at finite temperature    [PDF]

Eugene B. Kolomeisky

1203.1268 (T. K. Chuan et al.)

Role of quantumness of correlations in entanglement distribution    [PDF]

T. K. Chuan, J. Maillard, K. Modi, T. Paterek, M. Paternostro, M. Piani

1203.1270 (V. B. Bobrov et al.)

Theory of degenerate Bose gas without anomalous averages    [PDF]

V. B. Bobrov, S. A. Trigger

1203.1284 (Lapo Casetti et al.)

Caloric curve of star clusters    [PDF]

Lapo Casetti, Cesare Nardini