Thursday, May 24, 2012

1111.1046 (Takashi Mori)

Microcanonical Analysis of Exactness of the Mean-Field Theory in
Long-Range Interacting Systems

Takashi Mori

1205.4537 (G. Niccoli)

Antiperiodic spin-1/2 XXZ quantum chains by separation of variables:
Complete spectrum and form factors

G. Niccoli

1205.4614 (N. Grosjean et al.)

The tau_2-model and the chiral Potts model revisited: completeness of
Bethe equations from Sklyanin's SOV method

N. Grosjean, G. Niccoli

1205.5066 (Jacob N. Oppenheim et al.)

A Topological Phase Transition in the Scheidegger Model of River

Jacob N. Oppenheim, Marcelo O. Magnasco

1205.5068 (Ignacio Franco et al.)

Single-molecule pulling: phenomenology and interpretation    [PDF]

Ignacio Franco, Mark A. Ratner, George C. Schatz

1205.5116 (Stas Burov et al.)

Weak subordination breaking for the quenched trap model    [PDF]

Stas Burov, Eli Barkai

1205.5128 (Takashi Mori)

Equilibrium Properties of Quantum Spin Systems with Non-additive
Long-Range Interactions

Takashi Mori

1205.5181 (Carl McBride et al.)

The phase diagram of water from quantum simulations    [PDF]

Carl McBride, Eva G. Noya, Juan L. Aragones, Maria M. Conde, Carlos Vega

1205.5255 (Thomas Bartsch et al.)

Reaction rate calculation with time-dependent invariant manifolds    [PDF]

Thomas Bartsch, F. Revuelta, R. M. Benito, F. Borondo