Tuesday, August 6, 2013

1308.0660 (Hideyuki Suzuki)

Monte Carlo simulation of classical spin models with chaotic billiards    [PDF]

Hideyuki Suzuki

1308.0712 (F. Intravaia et al.)

Quantum friction and non-equilibrium fluctuation theorems    [PDF]

F. Intravaia, R. O. Behunin, D. A. R. Dalvit

1308.0734 (Christophe Chatelain)

Griffiths phase and critical behavior of the 2D Potts models with
long-range correlated disorder

Christophe Chatelain

1308.0750 (M. Burrello et al.)

Topological phase transitions driven by non-Abelian gauge potentials in
optical square lattices

M. Burrello, I. C. Fulga, E. Alba, L. Lepori, A. Trombettoni

1308.0756 (Adrian E. Feiguin et al.)

Hermitian and non-Hermitian thermal Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Adrian E. Feiguin, Israel Klich

1308.0793 (Michel Bauer et al.)

Real time imaging of quantum and thermal fluctuations: the case of a
two-level system

Michel Bauer, Denis Bernard

1308.0823 (H. Schenck et al.)

Vector chiral phases in frustrated 2D XY model and quantum spin chains    [PDF]

H. Schenck, V. L. Pokrovsky, T. Nattermann

1308.0962 (Sona John et al.)

Effect of linkage on the equilibrium frequency of deleterious mutations    [PDF]

Sona John, Kavita Jain

1308.0972 (Jürg Diemand et al.)

Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Homogeneous Nucleation    [PDF]

Jürg Diemand, Raymond Angélil, Kyoko K. Tanaka, Hidekazu Tanaka

1308.1083 (Eric Perlmutter)

A universal feature of CFT Renyi entropy    [PDF]

Eric Perlmutter

Sunday, August 4, 2013

0804.3153 (S. A. Alavi)

Thermodynamics of quasianti-Hermitian quaternionic systems    [PDF]

S. A. Alavi

1308.0034 (Shuai Shao et al.)

Robustness of partially interdependent network formed of clustered

Shuai Shao, Xuqing Huang, H. Eugene Stanley, Shlomo Havlin

1308.0048 (Mikhail A. Anisimov)

Fifty Years of Breakthrough Discoveries in Fluid Criticality    [PDF]

Mikhail A. Anisimov

1308.0082 (Upendra Harbola et al.)

Large deviation function and fluctuation theorem for classical particle

Upendra Harbola, Christian Van den Broeck, Katja Lindenberg

1308.0144 (Adam Nahum et al.)

Phase transitions in 3D loop models and the $CP^{n-1}$ $σ$ model    [PDF]

Adam Nahum, J. T. Chalker, P. Serna, M. Ortuno, A. M. Somoza

1308.0255 (Chung-Pin Chou et al.)

Order-disorder duality of second order phase transitions: The topology
of complex networks

Chung-Pin Chou, Ming-Chiang Chung

1308.0277 (Maurizio Fagotti)

Dynamical Phase Transitions as Properties of the Stationary State:
Analytic Results after Quantum Quenches in the Spin-1/2 XXZ Chain

Maurizio Fagotti

1308.0284 (Shamik Gupta et al.)

Anomalous dynamics of a tagged monomer of a long polymer chain: The case
of harmonic pinning and harmonic absorption

Shamik Gupta, Alberto Rosso, Christophe Texier

Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8117 (Brian Swingle)

Entanglement does not generally decrease under renormalization    [PDF]

Brian Swingle

1307.8234 (Emilio N. M. Cirillo et al.)

Effect of self-interaction on the phase diagram of a Gibbs-like measure
derived by a reversible Probabilistic Cellular Automata

Emilio N. M. Cirillo, P. -Y. Louis, W. M. Ruszel, C. Spitoni

1307.8252 (Simone Pigolotti et al.)

On the selective advantage of diffusing faster    [PDF]

Simone Pigolotti, Roberto Benzi

1307.8388 (Arnold Neumaier)

A global analytic critical equations of state    [PDF]

Arnold Neumaier

1307.8391 (Arnold Neumaier)

A multi-phase, multi-component critical equation of state    [PDF]

Arnold Neumaier

1307.8417 (Dries Sels et al.)

Wigner distribution functions for complex dynamical systems: the
emergence of the Wigner-Boltzmann equation

Dries Sels, Fons Brosens

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7718 (S. M. Giampaolo et al.)

Universal aspects in the behavior of the entanglement spectrum in one
dimension: scaling transition at the factorization point and ordered
entangled structures

S. M. Giampaolo, S. Montangero, F. Dell'Anno, S. De Siena, F. Illuminati

1307.7729 (M. E. J. Newman)

Spectral methods for network community detection and graph partitioning    [PDF]

M. E. J. Newman

1307.7736 (K. Michaelian et al.)

Violation of Fundamental Thermodynamic Law or Invalid Microstate

K. Michaelian, I. Santamaría-Holek, A. Pérez-Madrid

1307.7742 (E. Katzav et al.)

Stability and roughness of tensile cracks in disordered materials    [PDF]

E. Katzav, M. Adda-Bedia

1307.7743 (Javier Cerrillo et al.)

Non-Markovian Dynamical Maps: Numerical Processing of Open Quantum

Javier Cerrillo, Jianshu Cao

1307.7761 (L. Velazquez et al.)

Improving the efficiency of Monte Carlo simulations of systems that
undergo temperature-driven phase transitions

L. Velazquez, J. C. Castro-Palacio

1307.7762 (L. Velazquez)

Curvature of fluctuation geometry and its implications on Riemannian
fluctuation theory

L. Velazquez

1307.7799 (Sergii Domanskyi et al.)

Percolation Modeling of Self-Damaging of Composite Materials    [PDF]

Sergii Domanskyi, Vladimir Privman

1307.7804 (M. K. Hassan et al.)

Emergence of fractal in aggregation with stochastic self-replication    [PDF]

M. K. Hassan, M. Z. Hassan, N. Islam

1307.7846 (Aurélien Decelle et al.)

Belief-Propagation Guided Monte-Carlo Sampling    [PDF]

Aurélien Decelle, Florent Krzakala

1307.7855 (Grzegorz Wilk et al.)

On possible origins of power-law distributions    [PDF]

Grzegorz Wilk, Zbigniew Włodarczyk

1307.7903 (Satoru Morita et al.)

Analytical solution of stochastic model of risk-spreading with global

Satoru Morita, Jin Yoshimura

1307.8016 (D. A. Garanin et al.)

Random Field XY Model in Three Dimensions: The Role of Vortices    [PDF]

D. A. Garanin, E. M. Chudnovsky, T. Proctor

1307.8069 (Abolhassan Vaezi)

Superconducting analogue of the parafermion fractional quantum Hall

Abolhassan Vaezi

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1104.0322 (Dan Pirjol)

Explosive behavior in a log-normal interest rate model    [PDF]

Dan Pirjol

1307.7140 (Sertac Eroglu)

Parameters of the Menzerath-Altmann law: Statistical mechanical
interpretation as applied to a linguistic organization

Sertac Eroglu

1307.7337 (Panayotis Benetatos et al.)

Bundling in brushes of directed and semiflexible polymers    [PDF]

Panayotis Benetatos, Eugene M. Terentjev, Annette Zippelius

1307.7356 (Jens Boberski et al.)

Evolution of the force distributions in jammed packings of soft

Jens Boberski, M. Reza Shaebani, Dietrich E. Wolf

1307.7368 (Markus Karl et al.)

Universal scaling at non-thermal fixed points of a two-component Bose

Markus Karl, Boris Nowak, Thomas Gasenzer

1307.7426 (Keiji Saito et al.)

Kondo signature in heat transfer via a local two-state system    [PDF]

Keiji Saito, Takeo Kato

1307.7511 (R. J. Concannon et al.)

Spatiotemporally complete condensation in a non-Poissonian exclusion

R. J. Concannon, R. A. Blythe

1307.7535 (Yasuhiro Yamada et al.)

Universal departure from Johnson-Nyquist relation caused by limited

Yasuhiro Yamada, Masatoshi Imada

1307.7560 (Gernot Akemann et al.)

Products of Rectangular Random Matrices: Singular Values and Progressive

Gernot Akemann, Jesper R. Ipsen, Mario Kieburg

1307.7669 (Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan et al.)

Putting water on a lattice: The importance of long wavelength density
fluctuations in theories of hydrophobic and interfacial phenomena

Suriyanarayanan Vaikuntanathan, Phillip L Geissler

1307.7684 (Thomas E. Markland et al.)

Unraveling quantum mechanical effects in water using isotopic

Thomas E. Markland, B. J. Berne

1307.7697 (M. A. Rajabpour et al.)

Quantum Quench of the trap frequency in the harmonic Calogero model    [PDF]

M. A. Rajabpour, S. Sotiriadis

1307.7699 (Ali Davody)

Bold Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Study of $φ^4$ Theory    [PDF]

Ali Davody

Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6856 (Filip Kos et al.)

Bootstrapping the O(N) Vector Models    [PDF]

Filip Kos, David Poland, David Simmons-Duffin

1307.6891 (Michele Castellana)

The Renormalization Group for Disordered Systems    [PDF]

Michele Castellana

1307.6899 (Yan-Jiun Chen et al.)

Universal scaling function for the two-dimensional Ising model in an
external field: A pragmatic approach

Yan-Jiun Chen, Natalie M. Paquette, Benjamin B. Machta, James P. Sethna

1307.6952 (Shai Cohen et al.)

Solvent-diluted Block Copolymers: Bulk and Interfacial Phenomena    [PDF]

Shai Cohen, David Andelman

1307.7027 (Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg et al.)

Self-Consistent Projection Operator Approach to Quantum Many-Body

Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg, Michael J. Hartmann

1307.7094 (Wenjia Liu et al.)

Modeling interacting dynamic networks: I. Preferred degree networks and
their characteristics

Wenjia Liu, Shivakumar Jolad, Beate Schmittmann, R. K. P. Zia

1307.7101 (Arthur V. Straube et al.)

Synchronous versus asynchronous transport of a paramagnetic particle in
a modulated ratchet potential

Arthur V. Straube, Pietro Tierno

1307.7108 (Pere Seglar et al.)

Classical limit of the canonical partition function    [PDF]

Pere Seglar, Enric Pérez

1307.7128 (Y. Mishin et al.)

Irreversible thermodynamics of creep in crystalline solids    [PDF]

Y. Mishin, J. A. Warren, R. F. Sekerka, W. J. Boettinger

Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6592 (F. Kolley et al.)

Entanglement spectroscopy of SU(2)-broken phases in two dimensions    [PDF]

F. Kolley, S. Depenbrock, I. P. McCulloch, U. Schollwöck, V. Alba

1307.6633 (Daniel Hurowitz et al.)

Non-equilibrium steady state and induced currents of a
mesoscopically-glassy system: interplay of resistor-network theory and Sinai

Daniel Hurowitz, Saar Rahav, Doron Cohen

1307.6647 (Martin Weigel et al.)

Efficient simulation of the random-cluster model    [PDF]

Martin Weigel, Eren Metin Elçi

1307.6676 (M. S. Borovchenkova et al.)

On the non-Markovian Enskog Equation for Granular Gases    [PDF]

M. S. Borovchenkova, V. I. Gerasimenko

1307.6681 (E. Canessa)

Oscillating Entropy    [PDF]

E. Canessa

1307.6684 (Alessandro Pelizzola)

Variational approximations for stationary states of Ising-like models    [PDF]

Alessandro Pelizzola

1307.6687 (A. Pelizzola et al.)

Nonequilibrium dynamics of an exactly solvable Ising-like model and
protein translocation

A. Pelizzola, M. Zamparo

1307.6780 (Emanuele Cozzo et al.)

Clustering Coefficients in Multiplex Networks    [PDF]

Emanuele Cozzo, Mikko Kivelä, Manlio De Domenico, Albert Solé, Alex Arenas, Sergio Gómez, Mason A. Porter, Yamir Moreno

1307.6786 (Fabrizio Altarelli et al.)

Bayesian inference of epidemics on networks via Belief Propagation    [PDF]

Fabrizio Altarelli, Alfredo Braunstein, Luca Dall'Asta, Alejandro Lage-Castellanos, Riccardo Zecchina

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6214 (Emilio Cobanera et al.)

Fock Parafermions and Self-Dual Representations of the Braid Group    [PDF]

Emilio Cobanera, Gerardo Ortiz

1307.6222 (Benjamin J. Brown et al.)

Glassy topological quantum memories in two-dimensions    [PDF]

Benjamin J. Brown, Abbas Al-Shimary, Jiannis K. Pachos

1307.6267 (Ray Ng et al.)

Exact Real Time Dynamics of Quantum Spin Systems Using the Positive-P

Ray Ng, Erik Sorensen

1307.6359 (Davide Cellai et al.)

Percolation in Multiplex Networks with Overlap    [PDF]

Davide Cellai, Eduardo López, Jie Zhou, James P. Gleeson, Ginestra Bianconi

1307.6392 (L. Kusmierz et al.)

Heat and work distributions for mixed Gauss-Cauchy process    [PDF]

L. Kusmierz, J. M. Rubi, E. Gudowska-Nowak

1307.6407 (Andrey G. Cherstvy et al.)

Population splitting, trapping, and non-ergodicity in heterogeneous
diffusion processes

Andrey G. Cherstvy, Ralf Metzler

1307.6445 (Willy Wong)

The Perceptual Arrow of Time and the Sensory Transduction Process    [PDF]

Willy Wong

1307.6466 (Andreas Dechant et al.)

Connecting active and passive microrheology in living cells    [PDF]

Andreas Dechant, Eric Lutz

1307.6543 (Yuzhi Liu et al.)

Exact blocking formulas for spin and gauge models    [PDF]

Yuzhi Liu, Y. Meurice, M. P. Qin, J. Unmuth-Yockey, T. Xiang, Z. Y. Xie, J. F. Yu, Haiyuan Zou

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1110.1786 (Thibaut Divoux et al.)

Yielding dynamics of a Herschel-Bulkley fluid: a critical-like
fluidization behaviour

Thibaut Divoux, David Tamarii, Catherine Barentin, Stephen Teitel, Sébastien Manneville

1111.5808 (Jan Friedrich et al.)

Generalized vortex-model for the inverse cascade of two-dimensional

Jan Friedrich, Rudolf Friedrich

1307.5904 (M. Lisa Manning et al.)

Universality of vibrational modes in the boson peak and random matrices    [PDF]

M. Lisa Manning, Andrea J. Liu

1307.6016 (Y. Y. Atas et al.)

Calculation of multifractal dimensions in spin chains    [PDF]

Y. Y. Atas, E. Bogomolny

1307.6038 (N. Ananikian et al.)

Superstable cycles for antiferromagnetic Q-state Potts and three-site
interaction Ising models on recursive lattices

N. Ananikian, R. Artuso, L. Chakhmakhchyan

1307.6092 (Takahiro Sagawa et al.)

Role of Mutual Information in Entropy Production under Information

Takahiro Sagawa, Masahito Ueda

1307.6111 (Yuki Sughiyama et al.)

Variational Principle in Langevin Processes    [PDF]

Yuki Sughiyama, Masayuki Ohzeki

1307.6123 (Gesualdo Delfino et al.)

Spin clusters and conformal field theory    [PDF]

Gesualdo Delfino, Marco Picco, Raoul Santachiara, Jacopo Viti

1307.6131 (Jochen Kursawe et al.)

Transient ageing in fractional Brownian and Langevin equation motion    [PDF]

Jochen Kursawe, Johannes Schulz, Ralf Metzler

1307.6135 (Fabio Briscese)

Interaction effects on atomic laboratory trapped Bose-Einstein

Fabio Briscese

1307.6186 (Ronan S. Ferreira et al.)

Critical behavior of the contact process on small-world networks    [PDF]

Ronan S. Ferreira, Silvio C. Ferreira

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1305.2104 (Alessio Gagliardi et al.)

Kinetic and thermodynamic temperatures in quantum systems    [PDF]

Alessio Gagliardi, Alessandro Pecchia, Aldo Di Carlo

1307.5354 (Thorsten Prüstel et al.)

Reversible diffusion-influenced reactions of an isolated pair on two
dimensional surfaces

Thorsten Prüstel, M. Tachiya

1307.5370 (Alexey E. Rastegin et al.)

Jarzynski equality for quantum stochastic maps    [PDF]

Alexey E. Rastegin, Karol Życzkowski

1307.5419 (Debarshee Bagchi)

Thermally driven classical Heisenberg model in one dimension with a
local time-varying field

Debarshee Bagchi

1307.5421 (Debarshee Bagchi)

Thermal Rectification and Negative Differential Thermal Resistance in a
driven two segment classical Heisenberg chain

Debarshee Bagchi

1307.5436 (GA Mansoori)

Entropy Production gives rise to Upper- and Lower-Bounds to Efficiency
and COP of Cycles

GA Mansoori

1307.5512 (Seung Ki Baek et al.)

Residual discrete symmetry of the five-state clock model    [PDF]

Seung Ki Baek, Harri Mäkelä, Petter Minnhagen, Beom Jun Kim

1307.5516 (Alex Malins et al.)

Investigating Isomorphs with the Topological Cluster Classification    [PDF]

Alex Malins, Jens Eggers, C. Patrick Royall

1307.5517 (Alex Malins et al.)

Identification of Structure in Condensed Matter with the Topological
Cluster Classification

Alex Malins, Stephen R. Williams, Jens Eggers, C. Patrick Royall

1307.5544 (E. Mascarenhas et al.)

Latency in pure state thermodynamics of quantum phase transitions    [PDF]

E. Mascarenhas, H. Braganca, R. Dorner, M. Franca Santos, V. Vedral, K. Modi, J. Goold

1307.5546 (Enej Ilievski et al.)

Quantum group approach to steady states of boundary-driven open quantum

Enej Ilievski, Bojan Žunkovič

1307.5550 (Victor F. Los)

Exact closed equation for reduced equilibrium distribution functions of
the many-particle system

Victor F. Los

1307.5563 (William Bialek et al.)

Social interactions dominate speed control in driving natural flocks
toward criticality

William Bialek, Andrea Cavagna, Irene Giardina, Thierry Mora, Oliver Pohl, Edmondo Silvestri, Massimiliano Viale, Aleksandra Walczak

1307.5631 (A. Attanasi et al.)

Wild swarms of midges linger at the edge of an ordering phase transition    [PDF]

A. Attanasi, A. Cavagna, L. Del Castello, I. Giardina, S. Melillo, L. Parisi, O. Pohl, B. Rossaro, E. Shen, E. Silvestri, M. Viale

1307.5661 (Abbas Ali Saberi)

Growth models on the Bethe lattice    [PDF]

Abbas Ali Saberi

1307.5707 (Leonardo Ermann et al.)

Quantum Gibbs distribution from dynamical thermalization in classical
nonlinear lattices

Leonardo Ermann, Dima L. Shepelyansky

1307.5825 (Joe P. Chen et al.)

Entropic repulsion of Gaussian free field on high-dimensional Sierpinski
carpet graphs

Joe P. Chen, Baris Evren Ugurcan

Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5109 (Corentin Herbert)

Additional Invariants and Statistical Equilibria for the 2D Euler
Equations on a spherical domain

Corentin Herbert

1307.5130 (Ali Naji et al.)

Perspective: Coulomb fluids -- weak coupling, strong coupling, in
between and beyond

Ali Naji, Matej Kanduč, Jan Forsman, Rudolf Podgornik

1307.5137 (Neri Merhav)

Statistical Physics: a Short Course for Electrical Engineering Students    [PDF]

Neri Merhav

1307.5144 (Giovanni Bussi)

Hamiltonian replica-exchange in GROMACS: a flexible implementation    [PDF]

Giovanni Bussi

1307.5154 (Adriano Barra et al.)

Multi-species mean-field spin-glasses. Rigorous results    [PDF]

Adriano Barra, Pierluigi Contucci, Emanuele Mingione, Daniele Tantari

1307.5174 (Marco Gherardi et al.)

q-deformed Loewner evolution    [PDF]

Marco Gherardi, Alessandro Nigro

1307.5180 (Salvador Miracle-Sole)

Wulff shape of equilibrium crystals    [PDF]

Salvador Miracle-Sole

1307.5219 (Pei Wang et al.)

Randomly Fluctuating Potential Controlled Multistable Resonant Tunneling
Current through a Quantum Dot

Pei Wang, Gao Xianlong, Shaojun Xu

1307.5226 (A. Gordillo-Guerrero et al.)

Scaling Behavior of the Heisenberg Model in Three Dimensions    [PDF]

A. Gordillo-Guerrero, R. Kenna, J. J. Ruiz-Lorenzo

1307.5227 (Yaming Chen et al.)

Weak-noise limit of a piecewise-smooth stochastic differential equation    [PDF]

Yaming Chen, Adrian Baule, Hugo Touchette, Wolfram Just

1307.5247 (P. H. Lundow et al.)

Critical exponents in Ising Spin Glasses    [PDF]

P. H. Lundow, I. A. Campbell

Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4767 (G. M. Buendia et al.)

Model for the catalytic oxidation of CO, including gas-phase impurities
and CO desorption

G. M. Buendia, P. A. Rikvold

1307.4867 (Vincent Rossetto)

Local time in diffusive media and applications to imaging    [PDF]

Vincent Rossetto

1307.4908 (Julian Bialké et al.)

Microscopic theory for the phase separation of self-propelled repulsive

Julian Bialké, Hartmut Löwen, Thomas Speck

1307.4930 (Vasily E. Tarasov)

Power-law Spatial Dispersion from Fractional Liouville Equation    [PDF]

Vasily E. Tarasov

1307.4955 (Silvio Franz et al.)

Universality Classes of Critical Points in Constrained Glasses    [PDF]

Silvio Franz, Giorgio Parisi

1307.4969 (Robert Lohmayer et al.)

Phase structure of two-dimensional QED at zero temperature with
flavor-dependent chemical potentials and the role of multidimensional theta

Robert Lohmayer, Rajamani Narayanan

1307.4984 (Elena Agliari et al.)

Ferromagnetic models for cooperative behavior: Revising Universality in
complex phenomena

Elena Agliari, Adriano Barra, Andrea Galluzzi, Andrea Pizzoferrato, Daniele Tantari

1307.5041 (F. Heidari et al.)

Local pressure of confined fluids inside nanoslit pores -- A density
functional theory prediction

F. Heidari, G. A. Mansoori, E. Keshavarzi

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1210.1216 (Taro Kimura et al.)

Euler Products beyond the Boundary    [PDF]

Taro Kimura, Shin-ya Koyama, Nobushige Kurokawa

1307.4628 (Sarabjeet Singh et al.)

The structure of infectious disease outbreaks across the animal-human

Sarabjeet Singh, David J. Schneider, Christopher R. Myers

1307.4413 (Laurent Ponson et al.)

Correlating toughness and roughness in ductile fracture    [PDF]

Laurent Ponson, Ankit Srivastava, Shmulik Osovski, Elisabeth Bouchaud, Viggo Tvergaard, Alan Needleman

1307.4428 (Lester O. Hedges et al.)

Selective nucleation in porous media    [PDF]

Lester O. Hedges, Stephen Whitelam

1307.4450 (Manuel Cabezas et al.)

Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions: Activated Random Walks at Criticality    [PDF]

Manuel Cabezas, Leonardo T. Rolla, Vladas Sidoravicius

1307.4529 (Shinya Yasuda et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation with aspect ratio optimization: Anomalous
anisotropic scaling in dimerized antiferromagnet

Shinya Yasuda, Synge Todo

1307.4544 (Filippo Radicchi et al.)

Abrupt transition in the structural formation of interconnected networks    [PDF]

Filippo Radicchi, Alex Arenas

1307.4546 (Juyeon Yi et al.)

Thermodynamic arrow of time of quantum projective measurements    [PDF]

Juyeon Yi, Beom Jun Kim

1307.4685 (Samuel Jonhson et al.)

Factors determining nestedness in complex networks    [PDF]

Samuel Jonhson, Virginia Dominguez-Garcia, Miguel A. Munoz

1307.4707 (R. Klages et al.)

Anomalous fluctuation relations    [PDF]

R. Klages, A. V. Chechkin, P. Dieterich

1307.4725 (A. V. Savin et al.)

Thermal conductivity of the chain with an asymmetric pair interaction    [PDF]

A. V. Savin, Yuriy A. Kosevich

1307.4728 (Giovanni Diana et al.)

Mutual Entropy-Production and Sensing in Bipartite Systems    [PDF]

Giovanni Diana, Massimiliano Esposito

1307.4739 (André Nock et al.)

Distributions of Off-Diagonal Scattering Matrix Elements: Exact Results    [PDF]

André Nock, Santosh Kumar, Hans-Jürgen Sommers, Thomas Guhr

1307.4740 (Alex Buchel et al.)

Universality of Abrupt Holographic Quenches    [PDF]

Alex Buchel, Robert C. Myers, Anton van Niekerk

1307.4741 (A. S. Trushechkin)

Soliton-like solutions of the Boltzmann-Enskog kinetic equation for
elastic and inelastic hard spheres

A. S. Trushechkin

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4182 (Jiawen Deng et al.)

Boosting work characteristics and overall heat engine performance via
accelerated adiabatic control: quantum and classical

Jiawen Deng, Qing-hai Wang, Zhihao Liu, Peter Hanggi, Jiangbin Gong

1307.4183 (Roman Belousov et al.)

Statistical distribution of bonding distances in a unidimensional solid    [PDF]

Roman Belousov, Paolo De Gregorio, Lamberto Rondoni, Livia Conti

1307.4242 (Indrek Mandre et al.)

Intersections of moving fractal sets    [PDF]

Indrek Mandre, Jaan Kalda

1307.4269 (I. G. Marchenko et al.)

A simple phenomenologic model for particle transport in space-periodic
potentials in underdamped systems

I. G. Marchenko, I. I. Marchenko, A. V. Zhiglo

1307.4303 (Tommaso Rizzo)

Towards a Theory of the Glass Crossover    [PDF]

Tommaso Rizzo

1307.4325 (Jorge Hidalgo et al.)

Emergence of criticality in living systems through adaptation and
evolution: Practice Makes Critical

Jorge Hidalgo, Jacopo Grilli, Samir Suweis, Miguel A. Munoz, Jayanth R. Banavar, Amos Maritan

1307.4327 (Ulrich Dobramysl et al.)

Environmental vs demographic variability in stochastic predator-prey

Ulrich Dobramysl, Uwe C. Tauber

1307.4367 (Chikashi Arita et al.)

Asymmetric Exclusion Process with Global Hopping    [PDF]

Chikashi Arita, Jérémie Bouttier, P. L. Krapivsky, Kirone Mallick

1307.4373 (Joakim Stenhammar et al.)

A continuum theory of phase separation kinetics for active Brownian

Joakim Stenhammar, Adriano Tiribocchi, Rosalind J. Allen, Davide Marenduzzo, Michael E. Cates

1307.4375 (Mauro Mobilia)

Evolutionary games with facilitators: When does selection favor

Mauro Mobilia

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3564 (V. V. Prasad et al.)

High Energy Tail of the Velocity Distribution of Driven Inelastic Gases    [PDF]

V. V. Prasad, Sanjib Sabhapandit, Abhishek Dhar

1307.3603 (Yoshihiro Nishiyama)

Criticalities of the transverse- and longitudinal-field fidelity
susceptibilities for the d=2 quantum Ising model

Yoshihiro Nishiyama

1307.3611 (R. G. Pereyra et al.)

On the relation between hydrogen bonds, tetrahedral order and molecular
mobility in model water

R. G. Pereyra, A. Bermudez di Lorenzo, D. C. Malaspina, M. A. Carignano

1307.3645 (Mehdi Molkaraie et al.)

Partition Function of the Ising Model via Factor Graph Duality    [PDF]

Mehdi Molkaraie, Hans-Andrea Loeliger

1307.3670 (Vittorio Peano et al.)

Quantum fluctuations in modulated nonlinear oscillators    [PDF]

Vittorio Peano, M I Dykman

1307.3703 (Ryo Tamura et al.)

Phase Transitions with Discrete Symmetry Breaking in Antiferromagnetic
Heisenberg Models on a Triangular Lattice

Ryo Tamura, Shu Tanaka, Naoki Kawashima

1307.3729 (Timothy J. H. Hele et al.)

Derivation of a true (t->0+) quantum transition-state theory. Part I:
Uniqueness and equivalence to ring-polymer molecular dynamics

Timothy J. H. Hele, Stuart C. Althorpe

1307.3738 (Matteo Marcuzzi et al.)

Pre-thermalization in a non-integrable quantum spin chain after a quench    [PDF]

Matteo Marcuzzi, Jamir Marino, Andrea Gambassi, Alessandro Silva

1307.3768 (Alan Gabel et al.)

Highly Dispersed Networks    [PDF]

Alan Gabel, P. L. Krapivsky, S. Redner

1307.3786 (Ray Ng et al.)

Simulation of the Dynamics of Many-Body Quantum Spin Systems Using
Phase-Space Techniques

Ray Ng, Piotr Deuar, Erik Sorensen

1307.3820 (B. B. Wei et al.)

Solvable Lattice Gas Models with Three Phases    [PDF]

B. B. Wei, C. N. Yang

1307.3826 (A. Kashuba)

Critical phenomena in the bifurcation line's perspective    [PDF]

A. Kashuba

1307.3865 (T. Nagai et al.)

Crossover scaling in the two-dimensional three-state Potts model    [PDF]

T. Nagai, Y. Okamoto, W. Janke

1307.3866 (D. Blackmore et al.)

A new exactly solvable spatially one-dimensional quantum superradiance
fermi-medium model and its quantum solitonic states

D. Blackmore, A. Prykarpatsky

1307.3867 (N. N. Bogolubov et al.)

A current algebra approach to the equilibrium classical statistical
mechanics and its applications

N. N. Bogolubov, A. K. Prykarpatsky

1307.3869 (M. A. Korynevskii et al.)

Ferroelectric order parameter in the two-particle cluster system near
phase transition point: collective variables method

M. A. Korynevskii, V. B. Solovyan

1307.3871 (A. Ramezanpour)

Multilayer wave functions: A recursive coupling of local excitations    [PDF]

A. Ramezanpour

1307.3950 (Carlos P. Herrero et al.)

Configurational entropy of ice from thermodynamic integration    [PDF]

Carlos P. Herrero, Rafael Ramirez

1307.3953 (Benjamin Aaronson et al.)

Hierarchy and dynamics of trace distance correlations    [PDF]

Benjamin Aaronson, Rosario Lo Franco, Giuseppe Compagno, Gerardo Adesso

1307.3960 (S. Faldella et al.)

Complete spectrum and scalar products for the open spin-1/2 XXZ quantum
chains with non-diagonal boundary terms

S. Faldella, N. Kitanine, G. Niccoli

1307.3979 (Wolfgang Lechner et al.)

Self-organized defect strings in two-dimensional crystals    [PDF]

Wolfgang Lechner, David Polster, Georg Maret, Peter Keim, Christoph Dellago

1307.3987 (Timo Dewenter et al.)

Exact ground states of one-dimensional long-range random-field Ising

Timo Dewenter, Alexander K. Hartmann

1307.3993 (G. Bimonte et al.)

Conformal Field Theory of Critical Casimir Interactions in 2D    [PDF]

G. Bimonte, T. Emig, M. Kardar

1307.3997 (Hugo Jacquin)

Glass and jamming transition of simple liquids: static and dynamic

Hugo Jacquin

1307.3998 (Kyogo Kawaguchi et al.)

Nonequilibrium dissipation-free transport in F1-ATPase and the
thermodynamic role of asymmetric allosterism

Kyogo Kawaguchi, Shin-ichi Sasa, Takahiro Sagawa

1307.4017 (Dorje C. Brody et al.)

Information Geometry of Complex Hamiltonians and Exceptional Points    [PDF]

Dorje C. Brody, Eva-Maria Graefe

1307.4018 (Francesco Caravelli)

Power law spectrum-density after quantum quench on scale-free graphs    [PDF]

Francesco Caravelli

1307.4030 (Ingo Scholtes et al.)

Slow-Down vs. Speed-Up of Information Diffusion in Non-Markovian
Temporal Networks

Ingo Scholtes, Nicolas Wider, Rene Pfitzner, Antonios Garas, Claudio Juan Tessone, Frank Schweitzer

Monday, July 15, 2013

1110.1683 (S. Bernini et al.)

Competition between connectivity and local order in a model polymer melt    [PDF]

S. Bernini, F. Puosi, M. Barucco, D. Leporini

1307.3252 (Rahul Nandkishore et al.)

Dirty Weyl fermions: rare region effects near 3D Dirac points    [PDF]

Rahul Nandkishore, David A. Huse, S. L. Sondhi

1307.3253 (David Pekker et al.)

The Hilbert-glass transition: new universality of temperature-tuned
many-body dynamical quantum criticality

David Pekker, Gil Refael, Ehud Altman, Eugene Demler

1307.3256 (Ronen Vosk et al.)

Dynamical quantum phase transitions in random spin chains    [PDF]

Ronen Vosk, Ehud Altman

1307.3279 (Laura Cantini et al.)

Linear noise approximation for stochastic oscillations of intracellular

Laura Cantini, Claudia Cianci, Duccio Fanelli, Emma Massi, Luigi Barletti

1307.3370 (Jonathan Barés et al.)

Crackling vs. continuum-like dynamics in brittle failure    [PDF]

Jonathan Barés, Luc Barbier, Daniel Bonamy

1307.3377 (Péter Dusán Ispánovity et al.)

Avalanches in 2D Dislocation Systems: Plastic Yielding is not Depinning    [PDF]

Péter Dusán Ispánovity, Lasse Laurson, Michael Zaiser, István Groma, Stefano Zapperi, Mikko J. Alava

1307.3378 (Julius Bonart)

The dissipative phase transition in a pair of coupled noisy two-level

Julius Bonart

1307.3461 (J. Demaeyer et al.)

Trace formula for activated escape in noisy maps    [PDF]

J. Demaeyer, P. Gaspard

1307.3466 (I. Goldhirsch et al.)

Application of Bogolyubov's approach to the derivation of kinetic
equations for dissipative systems

I. Goldhirsch, A. S. Peletminskii, S. V. Peletminskii, A. I. Sokolovsky

Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2834 (Rachele Nerattini et al.)

"Magic" numbers in Smale's 7th problem    [PDF]

Rachele Nerattini, Johann S. Brauchart, Michael K. -H. Kiessling

1307.2967 (Byungjoon Min et al.)

Layer-crossing overhead and information spreading in multiplex social

Byungjoon Min, K. -I. Goh

1307.2979 (S. A. Derevyanko)

Thermalized polarization dynamics of a discrete optical waveguide system
with four-wave mixing

S. A. Derevyanko

1307.2999 (Niklas Boers et al.)

On Mean Field Limits for Dynamical Systems    [PDF]

Niklas Boers, Peter Pickl, Detlef Dürr

1307.3000 (Thierry Huillet et al.)

Occupancy distributions arising in sampling from Gibbs-Poisson abundance

Thierry Huillet, Servet Martinez

1307.3002 (Pierluigi Falco)

Correlation Critical Exponents for the Six-Vertex Model    [PDF]

Pierluigi Falco

1307.3020 (Stuart C. Althorpe et al.)

Derivation of a true (t->0+) quantum transition-state theory. II.
Recovery of the exact quantum rate in the absence of recrossing

Stuart C. Althorpe, Timothy J. H. Hele

1307.3097 (Ben Intoy et al.)

Extinction in four species cyclic competition    [PDF]

Ben Intoy, Michel Pleimling

1307.3111 (Ferdinando Gliozzi)

More constraining conformal bootstrap    [PDF]

Ferdinando Gliozzi

1307.3118 (Max R. Atkin et al.)

Instantons and Extreme Value Statistics of Random Matrices    [PDF]

Max R. Atkin, Stefan Zohren

1307.3160 (Vladyslav A. Golyk et al.)

Linear response relations in fluctuational electrodynamics    [PDF]

Vladyslav A. Golyk, Matthias Krüger, Mehran Kardar

1307.3171 (Atsushi Ikeda et al.)

Yield stress in amorphous solids: A mode-coupling theory analysis    [PDF]

Atsushi Ikeda, Ludovic Berthier

1307.3183 (Sebastian Deffner)

Quantum entropy production in phase space    [PDF]

Sebastian Deffner

1307.3233 (Charles B. Thorn)

6-Vertex Model on an Open String Worldsheet    [PDF]

Charles B. Thorn

1307.3236 (Fred Cooper et al.)

Internal composite bound states in deterministic reaction diffusion

Fred Cooper, Gourab Ghoshal, Alec Pawling, Juan Pérez Mercader

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2619 (Sheng-Ching Lin et al.)

Half-Magnetization Plateau of a Dipolar Spin Ice in a [100] Field    [PDF]

Sheng-Ching Lin, Ying-Jer Kao

1307.2685 (Thomas Speck)

Gaussian field theory for the Brownian motion of a solvated particle    [PDF]

Thomas Speck

1307.2699 (Wolfgang Lechner et al.)

From Classical to Quantum Glasses with Ultracold Polar Molecules    [PDF]

Wolfgang Lechner, Peter Zoller

1307.2762 (M. Moliner et al.)

Adiabatic tracking of a state: a new route to non-equilibrium physics    [PDF]

M. Moliner, P. Schmitteckert

1307.2803 (N. Ananikian et al.)

Potts Models with Invisible States on General Bethe Lattices    [PDF]

N. Ananikian, N. Sh. Izmailyan, D. A. Johnston, R. Kenna, R. P. K. C. M. Ranasinghe

1307.2805 (Nicolas Rougerie et al.)

Higher Dimensional Coulomb Gases and Renormalized Energy Functionals    [PDF]

Nicolas Rougerie, Sylvia Serfaty

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2288 (Tarun Grover et al.)

Quantum Disentangled Liquids    [PDF]

Tarun Grover, Matthew P. A. Fisher

1307.2309 (Nicolas A. Garcia et al.)

Crystallization Dynamics on Curved Surfaces    [PDF]

Nicolas A. Garcia, Richard A. Register, Daniel A. Vega, Leopoldo R. Gomez

1307.2324 (R. V. R. Pandya)

A new Eulerian theory of turbulence constrained by random Galilean

R. V. R. Pandya

1307.2332 (Makoto Katori)

Determinantal Martingales and Interacting Particle Systems    [PDF]

Makoto Katori

1307.2351 (A. Yu. Cherny et al.)

Small-angle scattering from multi-phase fractals    [PDF]

A. Yu. Cherny, E. M. Anitas, V. A. Osipov, A. I. Kuklin

1307.2362 (Ken Funo et al.)

Integral Quantum Fluctuation Theorems under Measurement and Feedback

Ken Funo, Yu Watanabe, Masahito Ueda

1307.2371 (Michele Campisi et al.)

Employing Circuit QED to Measure Nonequilibrium Work Fluctuations    [PDF]

Michele Campisi, Ralf Blattmann, Sigmund Kohler, David Zueco, Peter Hänggi

1307.2379 (Yan V Fyodorov)

High-Dimensional Random Fields and Random Matrix Theory    [PDF]

Yan V Fyodorov

1307.2408 (Chulho Choi et al.)

Extended Finite-Size Scaling of Synchronized Coupled Oscillators and

Chulho Choi, Meesoon Ha, Byungnam Kahng

1307.2409 (Natalia Bedoya et al.)

Computation of the thermal conductivity using classical and quantum
molecular dynamics based methods

Natalia Bedoya, Jean-Louis Barrat, David Rodney

1307.2446 (Róbert Juhász)

Extinction transition in stochastic population dynamics in a random,
convective environment

Róbert Juhász

1307.2469 (Miguel Gonzalez-Pinto et al.)

Liquid-crystal patterns of rectangular particles in a square nanocavity    [PDF]

Miguel Gonzalez-Pinto, Yuri Martinez-Raton, Enrique Velasco

1307.2477 (Tomoi Koide et al.)

Bivelocity picture in the nonrelativistic limit of relativistic

Tomoi Koide, Rudnei O. Ramos, Gustavo S. Vicente

1307.2512 (Juzar Thingna et al.)

Reduced density matrix for nonequilibrium steady states: A modified
Redfield solution approach

Juzar Thingna, Jian-Sheng Wang, Peter Hänggi

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1103.0411 (S. Friedli et al.)

Subcritical percolation with a line of defects    [PDF]

S. Friedli, D. Ioffe, Y. Velenik

1307.1700 (David Mesterházy et al.)

New Dynamic Critical Behavior for Model C    [PDF]

David Mesterházy, Jan H. Stockemer, Leticia F. Palhares, Jürgen Berges

1307.1753 (Jacques H. H. Perk)

Comment on `Mathematical structure of the three-dimensional (3D) Ising

Jacques H. H. Perk

1307.1776 (F. W. S. Lima)

Majority-vote model with heterogeneous agents on square lattice    [PDF]

F. W. S. Lima

1307.1781 (Archak Purkayastha et al.)

Block entanglement of the Gutzwiller state and metal-insulator
transition in nanochains

Archak Purkayastha, V. Subrahmanyam

1307.1862 (A. Lavagno et al.)

Nonextensive Nuclear Liquid-Gas Phase Transition    [PDF]

A. Lavagno, D. Pigato

1307.1867 (Baruch Meerson et al.)

Large Current Fluctuations in Lattice Gases: Beyond Non-Equilibrium
Steady States

Baruch Meerson, Pavel V. Sasorov

1307.1939 (Shu Tanaka)

A useful way to obtain the central charge of entanglement Hamiltonian --
Nested entanglement entropy

Shu Tanaka

1307.1971 (F. Semeriyanov et al.)

Theoretical estimation of density profile of semiflexible polymers
adsorbed on a surface and thermodynamic glass transition scenario by means of
the Bethe-Peierls approximation

F. Semeriyanov, A. I. Chervanyov, G. Heinrich

1307.1980 (Jeremie Unterberger)

Diffusive limit for 3-dimensional KPZ equation. (1) PDE estimates    [PDF]

Jeremie Unterberger

1307.1988 (Hans C. Fogedby et al.)

Energetics and efficiency of a molecular motor model    [PDF]

Hans C. Fogedby, Axel Svane

1307.1991 (N. V. Antonov et al.)

Critical behaviour of the O(n)-$φ^{4}$ model with an antisymmetric
order parameter

N. V. Antonov, M. V. Kompaniets, N. M. Lebedev

1307.2011 (I. V. Pylyuk)

Order parameter of a three-dimensional Ising-like system in the simplest
and higher non-Gaussian approximations

I. V. Pylyuk

1307.2023 (Junpeng Cao et al.)

Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz solutions of the anisotropic spin-1/2 chains
with arbitrary boundary fields

Junpeng Cao, Wen-Li Yang, Kangjie Shi, Yupeng Wang

1307.2025 (Tomaz Prosen et al.)

Eigenvalue statistics as indicator of integrability of non-equilibrium
density operators

Tomaz Prosen, Marko Znidaric

1307.2027 (M. A. Anisimov)

Universality versus nonuniversality in asymmetric fluid criticality    [PDF]

M. A. Anisimov

1307.2030 (I. R. Yukhnovskii et al.)

Liquid-gas phase transition at and below the critical point    [PDF]

I. R. Yukhnovskii, V. O. Kolomiets, I. M. Idzyk

1307.2052 (Matteo Polettini)

Fact-checking Ziegler's maximum entropy production principle beyond the
linear regime and towards steady states

Matteo Polettini

1307.2057 (Matteo Polettini)

Of dice and men. Subjective priors, gauge invariance, and nonequilibrium

Matteo Polettini

1307.2079 (Katharina Vollmayr-Lee et al.)

Temperature-Dependent Defect Dynamics in the Network Glass SiO2    [PDF]

Katharina Vollmayr-Lee, Annette Zippelius

1307.2090 (Albert Sole-Ribalta et al.)

Spectral properties of the Laplacian of multiplex networks    [PDF]

Albert Sole-Ribalta, Manlio De Domenico, Nikos E. Kouvaris, Albert Diaz-Guilera, Sergio Gomez, Alex Arenas

1307.2115 (Riccardo Chelli et al.)

Convective versus standard replica-exchange in ergodic regimes    [PDF]

Riccardo Chelli, Giorgio F. Signorini

1307.2135 (Zoe Budrikis et al.)

Avalanche localization and crossover scaling in amorphous plasticity    [PDF]

Zoe Budrikis, Stefano Zapperi

1307.2170 (Andrey Y. Lokhov et al.)

New phase transition in random planar diagrams and RNA-type matching    [PDF]

Andrey Y. Lokhov, Sergei K. Nechaev, Mikhail V. Tamm, Olga V. Valba

1307.2208 (Dibyendu Mandal et al.)

Maxwell's Refrigerator: An Exactly Solvable Model    [PDF]

Dibyendu Mandal, H. T. Quan, Christopher Jarzynski