Friday, February 17, 2012

1006.2208 (Chiaki Yamaguchi)

The Derivation of the Exact Internal Energies for Spin Glass Models by
Applying the Gauge Theory to the Fortuin-Kasteleyn Representation

Chiaki Yamaguchi

1103.0557 (Lea F. Santos et al.)

Entropy of isolated quantum systems after a quench    [PDF]

Lea F. Santos, Anatoli Polkovnikov, Marcos Rigol

1110.0942 (Tomoyuki Obuchi et al.)

Partition-function zeros of spherical spin glasses and their relevance
to chaos

Tomoyuki Obuchi, Kazutaka Takahashi

1111.1430 (Or Cohen et al.)

Phase diagram and density large deviations of a nonconserving ABC model    [PDF]

Or Cohen, David Mukamel

1202.3458 (Eran Sela et al.)

Local Magnetization in the Boundary Ising Chain at Finite Temperature    [PDF]

Eran Sela, Andrew K. Mitchell

1202.3471 (Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo et al.)

Navigating and Ranking Complex Networks Quantum    [PDF]

Eduardo Sánchez-Burillo, Jordi Duch, Jesús Gómez-Gardenes, David Zueco

1202.3495 (Shradha Mishra et al.)

Collective dynamics of self-propelled particles with variable speed    [PDF]

Shradha Mishra, Kolbjørn Tunstrøm, Iain D. Couzin, Cristián Huepe

1202.3509 (Hayato Shiba et al.)

Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Local Free Volumes in Highly Supercooled

Hayato Shiba, Takeshi Kawasaki

1202.3520 (Fang Qin et al.)

Adiabatic sound velocity and compressibility of a trapped
$d$-dimensional ideal anyon gas

Fang Qin, Ji-sheng Chen

1202.3646 (C. R. Laumann et al.)

The quantum adiabatic algorithm and scaling of gaps at first order
quantum phase transitions

C. R. Laumann, R. Moessner, A. Scardicchio, S. L. Sondhi